Brazilian music sensation “MC Beyoncé” uses the pop princess’s name, Rhianna’s music and blew up on You Tube like Justin Beiber

Funkeira (funk singer) MC Beyoncé

Funkeira (funk singer) MC Beyoncé

Note from BW of Brazil: Alright, so you may or may not be a fan of this type of music; in reality, if you don’t live in Brazil, you probably never even it before. Sure, many people all over the world have heard of the 60s/70s music phenomenon known as Funk music as created the Godfather of James Brown, but THIS type of Funk has NOTHING to do with JB, Sly Stone, P-Funk or any of the other Funk masters from 40 years ago. In the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century, Funk Carioca was more of a derivative of the popular style that combined highly sexual lyrics and fast beats popularized by Florida-based acts such as 2 Live Crew, DJ Magic Mike and 95 South. Mix the Florida bass sound with Portuguese lyrics and the name of America’s current pop/R&B princess and you get Brazil’s latest overnight music sensation,  MC Beyoncé.

If you live in Brazil it’s almost impossible to not have heard the drum beat to MC Beyoncé’s hit “Fala Mal de Mim”; it’s been used in numerous songs of the funk carioca variety. One could argue that this simple drum pattern is currently more popular among funkeiras than the extremely popular James Brown “Funky Drummer” riff that was sampled by perhaps hundreds of Hip Hop producers in the late 1980s and 1990s. With that said, the popularity of MC Beyoncé (yet another black Brazilian female connected to the American superstar in some fashion) cannot be denied. As proof of this, tonight she is scheduled to appear in a one-on-one interview with highly respected journalist/TV host Marília Gabriela on Brazil’s SBT television network. Check the details below.

Note 2: While BW of Brazil hasn’t directly covered the phenomenon of Funk Carioca, the genre and its culture are important to understanding ideologies of race, class, sexuality and gender in Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro. Check out the related articles at the bottom of the article. 

“I’m afraid of always being known as MC Beyoncé”, says funkeira in an interview with Marilia Gabriela

The funkeira MC Beyoncé will be interviewed by TV host Marilia Gabriela on the program De Frente com Gabi

Funk singer MC Beyoncé will be interviewed by popular TV host Marília Gabriela
Funk singer MC Beyoncé will be interviewed by popular TV host Marília Gabriela

In an interview with host Marília Gabriela on the TV program De Frente com Gabi (Up Front with Gabi), funkeira (funk singer) MC Beyoncé reveals her fear of being known only by the reference to the American singer. Known for the song “Fala Mal de Mim (You Talk Bad About Me)” the real name of MC Beyoncé is Ludmilla Oliveira. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she grew up in the Duque de Caxias region of the city and became a huge hit on YouTube.

“I’m afraid I will never be recognized as Ludmilla and will always be known as MC Beyoncé,”  she said. “I want to be a singer in the future, with a CD, a DVD, a band and everything.”

MC Beyonce 4

The funkeira also explained that the name by which it is known is also a tribute to the wife of rapper Jay-Z. “I’m a big fan of hers (Beyoncé) and I had to put out a cool name, I couldn’t leave it as ‘Ludmilla’”.

She also revealed of bits of her early childhood, as she imagined the many fans she would have in the future on the little plot of land behind her house, and how she liked to sing songs of singer Belo. She wrote her first song when she was 15 and she explains the melody of the song this way: “It’s instinct, I never even took a course in anything.”

MC Beyoncé also revealed some less pleasant times in her memory. “There was a fake page (of me) on Facebook. And worse, it was controlled by another famous funkeira,” she said. The program’s interview with MC Beyoncé will air tonight at midnight.

MC Beyonce

Back in November, here’s how the funkeira’s success was originally reported in Brazil’s largest media conglomerate…

The Brazilian version of Beyoncé is a funkeira and a huge success on YouTube

In six months, the MC came to fame on the Google site, just like Justin Bieber

RIO – What the Brazilian Beyoncé Knowles sings is funk carioca. Ludmilla Oliveira, from Duque de Caxias, is only 17 years and is an internet phenomenon as MC Beyonce. She earned over 20 million views on YouTube in less than a year.

It all started back in May/June of 2012. The current MC Beyoncé, still Ludmilla at the time, composed her first song “Cantar em ingles” (meaning “Sing in English”) but it was only with the hit “Fala Mal de Mim” that success exploded. She is also the writer of “Pensa em mim 24 horas” (Think of me for 24 hours). In “Cantar em ingles”, she shows that she knows how to sing not only funk (pronounced foon-key). She borrows the melody from the Rihanna song “We found love” put it to a repetitious funk beat that has been used over and over and still be heard in any lower class neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. The dream of MC Beyoncé is to become a great singer like the aforementioned pop divas.

“The idea of ​​my stage name came about because I’m a fan of Beyoncé. I love dancing and singing like her, who is my inspiration. So much that my manager was mocking me, saying that I looked like Beyonce, the nickname ended up sticking, especially when the video of my song hit the internet. There was no longer a way I could change it”, explained the Beyoncé of funk carioca who also likes to listen to Lady Gaga, Sorriso Maroto and Thiaguinho (1).

His manager is the MC Roba Cena, whom he met through her uncle. Roba Cena had offered to write a song for her, but a competing MC was there and recorded her first.

“I was crying in my room, saying that I no longer wanted to be an MC, that MCs steal the music of people…,” jokes the young MC. “After crying, I stopped in front of my computer and put on a basic funk beat to record. It was a piece sent from God. And I sang out the song “Fala Mal de Mim” but my friends said that, if she says those words, I would have something to be worried about (2). I didn’t tell my manager, I called the DJ and went to the studio. I said: “Will, put it on so I can record it here.” He put it on. I put the headphones, turned off all the lights, went back to a corner and started singing. Then he (said): “Wow, that’s a cool song.” His mouth dropped open when he heard the song, that went to the internet and here I am,” she remembers.

The routine of “the Beyoncé of funk” underwent a very rapid transformation. According to the MC, she has performed throughout Brazil, especially in São Paulo. In her presentations, also she also sings Sertanejo (3) and Pagode (4) songs. Her schedule from the time her song blew until last February. Often times she would only find out where she was going on the day of a show at the last minute. She has already recorded an album, but doesn’t sell the CDs.  She’s used to throwing them to the audience from the stage.

“It is very rewarding to see your name in concert halls crowded with the corresponding public from start to finish; fans crying, wanting to hug you …”, she says.

As the MC Beyoncé is a minor, her mother accompanies her everywhere. To follow an artistic career, Ludmilla had to quit school in the second year of high school. The MC is planning to take a modeling course shortly in the future.

 “I always liked singing, messing around, exciting the crowd. I hate studying. My mother is picking on me so that I do the third year (of high school) in the future. I no longer have a way to go to school either. I was trying to go there to see my friends, but it was impossible. Nobody wanted to let me walk through the school. Everyone (was) hugging me, wanting photos. I even had to go to the principal,” she explained.

 MC Beyonce – Fala Mal de Mim (Video Clipe Oficial ) 2013


Source: UOL Música, Globo

1. Sorriso Maroto is a group and Thiaguinho is a solo artist formerly of the group Exaltasamba. Both acts sing music of the popular Samba-Pagode style.

2. The lyrics to “Fala Mal de Mim” are that of female who feels she’s being “hated on” by other females who continuously copy her style but always “fala mal de ela” (say bad things about her). The lyrics speak of other females who say bad things about her hair and makeup but are jealous of her and are secretly her fans. In some ways, the song could be interpreted as a means of challenging other women to “step to her”.

3. Música sertaneja or Sertanejo is a music style that had its origins in the countryside of Brazil in the 1920s. It is the most popular music style in Brazil, being particularly more popular throughout the interior of Brazil. Sub-genres include sertanejo de raiz, sertanejo romântico and sertanejo universitário. It is somewhat reminiscent of American Country Music.

4. Pagode is a Brazilian style of music which originated in Salvador, Brazil and quickly went down to the Rio de Janeiro region, as a sub-genre of Samba.

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