Brazilian Michael Ealy look-a-like? What do you think?


Hmmm…Just happened to see a clip of this Brazilian brotha named Paulo playing saxophone on one of Brazil’s SBT network’s variety shows and…am I’m trippin’ or does the guy remind you a little of actor Michael Ealy? Not saying exact twins, but they COULD be related. What do you think???

Michael Ealy on the left, Paulo on the right
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  1. I do think they look a like.We are all brother's and sister's in this world. But, Brazil and the USA does share Mother Africa. For every 1 African slave that was taken from Africa. And sent to The USA. 12 African's where taken from Africa. And sent to Brazil. Families where broken apart. Maybe the Mother and children where sent to Brazil. And the Father was sent to The USA. They would never see each other again. Until they got to Heaven.It is sad.God did not want this divide. But it is TRUE! And did happen.

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