Brazilian funk going global: Singer MC Rebecca featured in Times Square ad and Rolling Stone magazine article on international hitmakers

Funk singer MC Rebecca featured in times square ad and feature in rolling stone magazine article on International Hitmakers

By Marques Travae

MC Rebecca is yet another popular Brazilian singer who beginning to garner global recognition. She joins a list that includes artists such as Anitta, Ludmilla and Iza as well as MC Dricka and Emicida. The image of 23-year-old funk Singer MC Rebecca, 23, was recently seen on one of the most famous digital billboards in the United States Times Square, in New York City. The promotion of the singer’s image is part of the Global Radar campaign, an initiative by Spotify in support of rising artists. In June, funk singer MC Dricka, was also featured in a Times Square ad.

MC Rebecca featured in Times Square ad in New York City

The initiative has a global reach of more than 50 nations, and the vocalist was selected as a Radar Brasil artist in March of this year. The artist’s image was featured after the release of the song “Catucada de Leve,” a collaboration with MC Zaquin, last week. Seeing her image featured on one of the most famous advertising screens in the world was seen as a present to the Rio de Janeiro funkeira, who has been in the music game for three years.

Artist featured in American magazine Rolling Stone

MC Rebecca also made the list of ‘’10 Songs From International Hitmakers You Should Have on Your Radar’’ by the music and culture magazine Rolling Stone. While Brazil does have its own edition of the magazine, the fact that Rebecca was featured in the main American edition is big news.  The funkeira is the only Brazilian on the list, which includes artists from different countries competing for the attention of worldwide fans.

Still from MC Rebecca collaboration with MC Zaquin “Catucada de Leve”

The artist, who was born and raised in a poor family in Rio de Janeiro’s Morro de São João, a neighborhood near Engenho Novo, has adopted an anti-racist and feminist slant in her songs. Pleasure and the liberation of women are themes that are constant in her work.

Mc Rebecca, who is considered an influential figure, particularly for black girls growing up in Brazil, has been developing a groove that combats the objectification of the female body, while raising concerns of race, gender, and sexuality. The singer has a seven-year-old daughter, Morena, and has said in interviews that she is proud to be black, a funk artist, and a single mother.

MC Rebecca’s bio

Rebecca Alves is a model, singer, and dancer. She was featured as the Queen of the Salgueiro Samba School’s Passista Carnaval dancers between 2016 to 2019, she opting to devote more time to her artistic career, developing her craft as a singer, dancing and participating in advertising campaigns. Along the way, she began to focus on her talents on the funk carioca genre that is popular with Brazilian youth.

The carioca, meaning native of Rio de Janeiro, has found success on digital music platforms, attaining over 2.5 million monthly listeners on the Spotify music site, 650 million additional streams/views, and is closing in on 1 million YouTube subscribers. The song “Combachty,” which she recorded with popular artists Anitta, Lusa Sonza, and Lexa, reached #1 on Spotify Brazil and Top100 on Spotify Global in 2019.

With this success in 2019, she became the first black woman to achieve #1 on Spotify Brazil’s most popular songs list, becoming one of the most influential voices in the feminist and anti-racist movements.

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