Braids, extensions and dreads are among most worn black hairstyles

Crislene Assunção, Black Beauty winner Lorrayne Silva and Adriano Fransérgio
Whoever thinks that all black hair styles are restricted to the “black power (afro)” style is mistaken. To change such a conception, journalists put the question of black beauty in check. The journal Correio de Uberlândia went to a salon that specializes in black hair and makeup in neighborhood of Roosevelt, to know what black men and women are asking for to enhance their looks.
Among hairstyles and procedures most requested, the hairdresser Crislene Assunção lists four: trança modelada (patterned braids), alongamento (extensions), trança com fibra (fiber braids) and falso dread (artificial dreads), in that order. According to professional, depending on the length of the hair, these styles can take up to four hours or more. “It varies depending on the amount of people working on the client’s hair,” said Crislene Assunção, who has already worked with three other people at once on one client’s hair.
Warley Assunção (blackpower or afro), Ney Sérgio (dreads), Tobias Silva (tranças or braids)
There not much distinction between the types of hairstyles amongst between men and women, according Crislene Assunção, while girls ask for braids modeled in the shapes of flowers, some guys have asked to “sculpt” the logo of their favorite team’s into their heads. “We don’t always know the design, but I look at the image and I do it,” she said.
As for makeup, makeup artist Fransérgio Adriano says that the only care to be taken is in relation to clothing that someone will wear and the contrast between eye shadow and lipstick color. “The rule is: whenever “load” (using very strong colors) the eyes, tone it tone on the mouth, and vice versa,” said Fransérgio, exemplifying it with a shadow in three shades, gray, black and brown, and a neutral lip gloss on the model Lorrayne Rosa da Silva.
Lorrayne Rosa da Silva, 20, elected Black Beauty in São Paulo
Lorrayne Rosa da Silva, 20, of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, was the model chosen for our production. She works as an assistant hairdresser and recently won the National Competition of Black Beauty, of the Associação Guaianazes por Moradia (AGM – Guaianazes Association for Housing) of São Paulo.
The competition was promoted at the end of June of this year in São Paulo and Lorrayne Silva brought back to Uberlândia, besides the victory sash, some prizes such as contracts for some commercials and advertising campaigns. The model traveled about nine hours with the hairstyle and makeup she wore in the competition, which took place almost 12 hours after her arrival in the city of São Paulo.
On Sunday, August 11th, another stage of the Black Beauty Contest 2012 was to be held at Club Uberlândia. To participate, those interested needed to meet certain requirements, such as: living in Uberlândia for at least one year, be between the ages 15 and 25, have a minimum height of 5’5” childless, not pregnant and not affiliated with any agency.
According to the contest rules, available in Black Beauty Contest blog Udi, it’s necessary for participants to have a willingness to represent Uberlândia in other competitions, i.e. carrying the cultural dominion of the city.
Know a few of hairstyles:
Trança Modelada or patterned braids: Hair is separated into strands to make braids, thick or thin, and then the desired shape is constructed. Examples: flowers, sun, team logos.
Alongamento or extensions: One of the main procedures used. This method is typically used to make other hairstyles that require more hair.
Trança com fibra or braids with fiber: several braids are made with a fiber made of a material very similar to the hair. Thus braids are longer and can be colored.
Dread natural or natural dread: The popular dread can be done with a needle or beeswax. In both, the hair is separated into strands and constrained, molding it. The natural dread is not undone, they only come out by cutting them.
Falso dreador artificial dread: The falso dread is also done with a needle, but in this case,  another material is used for a more natural look. This type of dread can be undone, different from dread natural.
Source: Correio de Uberlândia
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