Bodybuilder caught on video assaulting 61-year old black man; says he ‘loves the elderly’ and can’t be racist because his wife is black

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Note from BW of Brazil: I swear, you just can’t make this stuff up! I just learned about this story today. It went down towards the end of last year, on December 29th, and as you can expect, people were outraged after seeing it. How could you not be? The images show a bodybuilder type come up from behind and savagely punching and then kicking what turned out to be a 61-year old black man. WTF is this all about?!?! This incident reminded of an attack on a 71-year old black man by a neo-Nazi group back in 2013. That man ended up dying due to his injuries.

After being arrested and investigated, we discover the assailant, a 35-year old businessman, is an ardent supporter of now recently elected President Jair Bolsonaro as well as an Evangelical. The reason why these details are important are because, one, Bolsonaro supporters have developed a reputation for their physical assaults on people and Evangelicals are often known to have fanatical believes to the point that attack leaders and temples of Afro-Brazilian religions.

To top all of this off, the assailant claimed he’s “in love with the elderly” and that his cowardly act can’t be defined as racist because he is married to a black woman. How many times do we have to hear that one? The ironic thing about this is, if you look at this guy, you would may conclude that he has the blood of Africa running through his veins as well! Don’t know how this guy identifies himself in terms of race, but after the investigation, other facts came out that detailed why he went after a defenseless, older black man in such a vicious manner. Read on. 

Businessman assaults, beats and kicks 61-year black man in Pernambuco

Businessman who almost killed elderly says he regrets his actions

Courtesy of Pragmatismo Político

Entrepreneur caught assaulting elderly in the middle of the street campaigned for Jair Bolsonaro and appeared being baptized by an evangelical pastor.

The businessman and bodybuilder Bruno Nunes Elihimas, 35, was found assaulting an elderly man in Recife (PE) on December 29, 2018.

William Jose de Souza, 61, was seriously injured after the beating. Security cameras in the neighborhood of Pina, in the state of Pernambuco’s capital city, recorded the cowardly act.

William José de Souza
The victim, 61-year old William Jose de Souza

In the images widely publicized by social networks and WhatsApp, Bruno appears to be kicking the elderly man in the back. The man then falls to the ground and then is hit with various punches and kicks in his face.

The old man lost several teeth and his face was disfigured. He was tended to at the Hospital da Restauração and returned on Friday (4) for further examinations.

Before turning himself in to the police, Bruno claimed through his lawyers that the elderly man he beaten had assaulted his girlfriend physically and verbally days before. Because of the alleged assaults, his girlfriend allegedly lost the baby.

There is no proof of this. In a note, the Civil Police of Pernambuco informed that there is no record of a complaint on the part of Bruno against William. No Boletim de Ocorrência (police report) or medical report to prove the aggressions and loss of the baby were presented thus far.

William José’s wife believes that her husband was assaulted for being black. “I just wanted, when this man was arrested, that the cop put me in front of him to ask why he tried to kill my husband. I imagine the reason was prejudice, because William is black,” said Luciene Leão Wanderley, 52.

“In love with old people”

Businessman and bodybuilder Bruno Nunes Elihimas

In an interview after being arrested, the attacker said he’s in love with the elderly. “I’m in love with the elderly. I’m not that monster you’re drawing. I am a family father who has father, mother, and a son who died. How am I going to be racist? I’m married to a black woman. Let’s stop being lunatic, picking up loose ends and think it’s the whole story,” he said.

Finally, Bruno says he should have taken it lighter in the assaults. “I regret having exceeded myself. It could have been a little softer, a bit lighter,” he finished.

Good citizen

bruno - bolsonaro - baptism
“I won’t vote for Bolsonaro only if I or he dies between now and then!!!” – Nunes, a Bolsonaro supporter and at his baptism

Bruno Elihimas has been arrested in the past for receiving a stolen car and selling anabolic steroids. He was taken to the Centro de Observação e Triagem Everardo Luna, COTEL, in Abreu and Lima, but he was issued a release permit for provisional release. In social networks, Bruno campaigned for Bolsonaro and appears to have been baptized by an evangelical pastor.

Edylla é flagrada ajudando Bruno a lavar as mãos sujas de sangue
Edylla seen helping Bruno wash his hands stained with blood after assault

Lover of businessman who beat elderly is indicted as co-author

Courtesy of Pragmatismo Político

A love triangle and a comment that set off an attack: police conclude investigation of the case of the businessman who almost killed elderly man with punches and kicks

Edylla Katharine Oliveira Carneiro was indicted by police as co-author of a crime that shocked Brazilians two weeks ago.

The investigations indicated that the woman maintained an extramarital relationship with the businessman and bodybuilder Bruno Nunes Elihimas, responsible for beating the elderly William José de Souza in Recife, Pernambuco.

Police chief Ramon Teixeira published a report of the investigations:

“On the day of the crime, Edylla arrived in the apartment in a car with Bruno, the older man’s aggressor. She had an affair with Bruno and the information was confirmed by her husband. 15 minutes later, the car leaves the building and returns. At this interval, she enters the apartment and asks her husband about William [the old man].”

At the same time that Edylla is in her apartment with her husband, the images of the security cameras recorded her lover Bruno’s aggression against William José de Souza, 61.

William José had just left some purchases in Edylla’s apartment and left the building. He had completed some services for her husband. Bruno was outside waiting for the old man to assault him.

The investigations indicate that the aggressions were motivated by a comment made by William. “The aggression occurred because William would have said that Edylla’s husband was like father and mother to his two children. The woman didn’t like it and got very irritated. William knew that she had cheated on her husband with Bruno,” says the police chief.

Images of the inner circuit of the building showed the moment when Edylla met Bruno again after the aggressions. The woman washes the businessman’s hands stained with blood (image above).

“A love triangle and a commentary on the wife’s acting like a mother. These were the ingredients that motivated the crime,” said Ramon.

Heard by the police, Edylla mounted a fanciful version that didn’t match reality. “She says that William was a hateful person who had caused an abortion, but the pregnancy is not proven by tests and the old man is singled out as a kind person by other witnesses.”

The version presented by Edylla was possibly agreed upon with Bruno and his lawyers.

Despite considering the crime premeditated, the police disregarded it as attempted murder. “We have images of the assaults ceasing and Bruno ejects William from the location. In our view, this detracts from the hypothesis of attempted murder.”

Bruno has been indicted for serious bodily injury and has been imprisoned since appearing at the Boa Viagem police station. In social networks, he declared himself a fan of Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) and even published images of his baptism in an evangelical church (learn more here).

Source: Pragmatismo Político 1, 2

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