Black women in the job market

How many black women are managers?

How many black women have university degrees?

Have you ever been treated by a black female doctor?

These are some of the issues that one should ask when considering the position of black women in the Brazilian job market. In general, black women are not expected to have these types of titles or positions. Black Brazilian women often face triple discrimination in the job market: race, gender and social class. In Brazilian society, black woman are often assumed to be either maids, cooks or Samba school dancers which often leads to disrespect and stereotypes when they do climb the ladder of success in other areas.

The host of the interview is Neide Diniz who is part of REconhecer, which means recognize, an initiative of the Rio-based black women’s NGO Estimativa that explores themes pertaining to black women in a video format. The objective is to:

“uncover the past and redefine the future. The aim of the program to recognize the diversity of the feminine universe, usually presented in a reductionist and unilateral way. REconhecer is a different way of appreciating African heritage: from our voice, our face and our writing!”

Vanda Ferreira is an educator and the second Afro-Brazilian assume the position of Secretary of State in Rio de Janeiro and also the Minister of the Defense and Promotion of Black Populations in Rio. She is also a member of the State Council of Education, University Council of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Municipal Council of the Defense of Black Rights. These are but a few of the accomplishments on her resume. Lia Vieira is a specialist in the tourism industry, a researcher and a militant of the Women’s Movement as well as the Movimento Negro. She holds degrees in Economics, Tourism, Literature and a Ph.D in Education.


To get an idea of the struggle of black women in the Brazilian job market, see below the video of the program REconhecer, hosted by journalist Neide Diniz.  In the video, Neide interviews educator Vanda Ferreira who became the second black Secretary of State in Rio de Janeiro and also the Extraordinary Secretary in Defense and Promotion of Black Populations of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The video is in is in Portuguese with complete subtitles in English.

Black Women in the job market: REconhecer program #3

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