Black women experience double bias, study reveals

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Valéria Lúcia Xavier
“You can see in the look they give you that the person does not want to give you the job”

IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research) reveals that black women suffer more when they are in search of work. According to the data, white women earn up to 34% more than black women. The survey also notes a “double discrimination”, of race and gender, for them.

In the city of Presidente Prudente (state of São Paulo), the number of black women in the market is much smaller, compared to white women. In commerce, for example, there are two or three black or mulata employees on average for every ten Caucasian. According to the Bureau of Labor Relations of the city, the total number of jobs held by black women is out of the control of the registry, but there is no restriction or requirement by companies. The agency points out, however, that the number of women is much lower demand for employment vacancies. “If there is some kind of requirement for employers in relation to race, religion or whatever, we dismiss the offer,” says regional director of the secretariat, Jeremiah da Silva Ferreira.
The Grupo Notícia talked to some women from the city of Presidente Prudentino on the subject. Valéria Lúcia Xavier, 33, said she found difficulty in relation to work. “I see both complications because of age, and the discrimination of color, because you can see in the look that they give that the person does not want to give you the job,” she regrets that right, she is unemployed. Fernanda Miranda, 22, has already worked as a maid, but she is not looking for work. “Today I take care of my son and I am not employed, because my husband takes care of the household expenses. But I have had difficulty because of my skin color,” she recalls.
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