“Black Salary Friday”? “Promotion” suggests a day to hire potential black workers for a 47% discounted salary

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“Black Salary Friday”? “Promotion” suggests a day to hire potential black workers for a 47% discounted salary

By Marques Travae

Could you imagine if one professional with the same credentials as another earned a salary that paid him or her 47% less than another professional? Even worse, imagine if there was actually a special day during the year when companies could hire new employees and pay some 47% less than a similarly qualified job seekers simply because on one difference: race.

“Hire a professional for your company with a 47% discount”

What comes to mind when you contemplate the possibility? No way that could happen, right? That’s blatant discrimination! Maybe organize a boycott against the company in question. Make a call to your local televised news program to expose this absurdity? I’m sure plenty of people would think along these lines if this were a real situation. Well, part of it is in fact a reality.

According to Brazil’s Ministério do Trabalho (Ministry of Labor), a black professional earns 47% of the salary of a white professional performing the same function. The part that isn’t true is in fact a campaign, or “fictitious promotion” created by the Instituto Identidades do Brasil (ID_BR) to bring awareness to the fact that salary discrimination based on race is a reality that has existed for some time in Brazil. The organization is taking advantage of the fact that the Day of Black Consciousness (November 20th) and Black Friday (November 23rd) are happening in the same week.

Singer/songwriter Jair Oliveira, rapper/host Thaíde, and actress Maria Gal appear in “promotion”

“Despite the growth in qualification, the black population with the same level of education still receives much less. Our intention is to end this abyss and with subjective barriers like racism to alert people, especially employers, that we must continue to consider racial inequality a problem and seek solutions to face it,” explains Luana Génot, Executive Director of ID_BR.

To bring attention to the “promotion”, ID_BR enlisted the help of rapper/producer/host Thaíde, actress Maria Gal and singer/songwriter Jair Oliveira. The celebrities star in short video clips that discuss the issue of salary inequality and being shared through social media. The video looks similar to any commercial one would see promoting product discounts being sold at retail stores for “Black Friday”. The opening message is sure to capture attention, which is exactly what it is meant to do:

“In Brazil, a black professional receives on average 47% less than a white one” – Source: Ministério do Trabalho

“Black Salary Friday. Hire a professional for your company with 47% off.”

After clicking on the banner, the web user is re-directed to the address where the video explains the fictitious nature of the video that is based on a fact: the difference in pay between black and white professionals with similar qualifications. Then web user is then led to the organization’s website where more information about the topic is available as well as another link intended for potential employers who wish to know more racial equality in the job market and can sign up to set up lectures and receive consultation on the theme.

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