Black population makes up majority of unemployed in southern city of Porto Alegre

Afro Brazilian women
Blacks suffer more in economic downturn: economist Dulve Helena Vargas

Participation of blacks in the labor market fell 11.1% in two years. Data are part of a survey released by FEE on Tuesday.

The black population represents the majority of the unemployed in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre (capital of southern state Rio Grande do Sul) (1) according to a survey released on Tuesday (13) by the Fundação de Economia e Estatística (Foundation of Economics and Statistics or FEE).

The survey compares the years 2010 and 2011 and concludes that the participation of blacks in the labor market fell 11.1% in the period. The survey was commissioned as a function of the Black Awareness Day, which is celebrated on November 20. “In an environment of economic slowdown, the black population ends up suffering more to get a job opening,” says economist Dulve Helena Vargas.

Student Caroline: Discrimination due to color

Student Caroline, 20, is looking for employment. Her first experience in the job market of 2012 was not the best. “I think I wasn’t hired because of my color,” she said.

Unemployed”: Renato Ferreira perceives strange looks in job atmosphere

Renato Ferreira is studying in search of alternatives, but believes that the path for those who are black is more complicated. “You enter into an environment, let’s say, a meeting and people who don’t know you are already looking at you a little like this”, he said cocking his head sideways to demonstrate.

According to the Movimento das Mulheres Negras (Black Women’s Movement), in the last 20 years there have been advances, especially in the area of legislation and affirmative public policies. But the result of the research, according to the Movimento, reflects a reality that is far from changing: discrimination.

Lúcia Regina Pereira: Brazil still a discrimination society

“Brazilian society is still a discriminating, racist society that gives places to people. Depending on the color of your skin, you have a place in society,” said Lúcia Regina Pereira, the coordinator of the group Maria Mulher.

Although people often times believe that claims of job-based discrimination are often blown out of proportion, various studies in the past few decades have shown that Brazil’s job market is notorious for its racial discrimination. Simone Diniz proved this with the history-making lawsuit she initiated back in 1997. Not only does discrimination influence professional relationships, it subjects black women to double bias, it puts into question professional competency and hinders professional advancement, both of which were found to be true in Brazil’s banking industry.  


1. Afro-Brazilians make up about 16% of the population of the city of Porto Alegre and about 18% of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: G1

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