Black Personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19

Black Personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19

black personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19
black personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19

Black personalities use social media to inform on Covid-19

With concern over the spread of the Coronovirus reaching its peak, famous Afro-Brazilians are using their social network platforms to keep followers informed on the latest developments and recommendations

By Marques Travae

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has become such a national and global concern, a number of black personalities have taken to social networks such as Instagram and Twitter to inform followers of the importance of hygienic measures, expose fake news and break down economic measures being implemented by the government.

Lázaro (Black Personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19)
Actor Lázaro Ramos (Black Personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19)

Actor Lázaro Ramos is perhaps the most well-known of the group to begin publishing comments on the crisis. Ramos has more than three million followers on Instagram and recently began to post a series of videos entitled “coexistence”. In these vídeos, Ramos, arguably the most successful of the new generation of black actors, talks about actions that people can take to avoid being infected if it is necessary to leave their as well as how to deal with people at elevated risk, such as the elderly.

“I know the importance of our voice at this moment because we stimulate attitudes. We must follow good examples such as confinement for those who have this possibility and not have direct contact. Any example other than that is irresponsible, because we are dealing with something that we don’t know,” he said in one of his posts.

Coexistence (part 2)

TODAY I wanted to talk to you about topics that you suggested to me in yesterday’s post. And at 6pm this Tuesday, I’m going to do a live to read a little and chat about the current moment!

Actress Jéssica Ellen

Actress Jéssica Ellen, whose latest role featured her as Camila in TV Globo’s novela (soap opera) Amor de Mãe, addressed the challenges and difficult situation that residents of the Rocinha community, in Rio, where she was born and raised are currently dealing with. Two weeks ago, the Globo TV network announced the cancellation of the recording of Amor de Mãe due to Covid-19.

The actress emphasized the necessity of people staying home to do their part in helping to stop the spread of vírus and discussed recent actions introduced by community leaders to raise money for the purchase of importante sanitary products.


Let’s help, guys? We are much stronger than this virus. I strongly believe in the human being’s ability to do good. Let’s connect with the best in our hearts??? Can I count on you? I know it’s a irritating, difficult time, but let’s get through it. And soon it’ll be over.

I know that not everyone can stay at home, I know it is a privilege for the FEW, I know that many people NEED to work, so take care.

Kenia Maria of UN Women

Kenia Maria is a United Nations (UN) Women writer and defender of human rights, and, along with her actor husband, Érico Brás, was elected in 2018 as one of the most influential black people in the world by Most Influential People of African Descent (Mipad). The multi-talented personality expressed her support for a movement calling for employers to allow their employees and domestic workers leaves of absence while mainitaing the payment of their salaries. She also touched on the tragic death of a maid in Rio who died after contracting the virus from her employer who had recently returned from Italy.

I am here on behalf of the daughters of domestic workers across the country. It is urgent that you release this person and, most importantly, guarantee remuneration during these difficult days that the country and the planet are going through. On Tuesday (17), a 63-year-old woman who worked in Alto Leblon [in Rio de Janeiro] and lived in Miguel Pereira died. To return home, she took two buses and a train. Don’t be responsible for that.

Kenia’s post included excerpts from the manifesto of sons and daughters of domestic workers calling for paid time off.



We who are sons and daughters of domestic servants and daily workers from all over Brazil, through the MANIFESTO LETTER- FOR THE LIFE OF OUR MOTHERS are joining forces in a COLLECTIVE MOVEMENT to guarantee the right of our grandparents, mothers and aunts, to be safe in their homes, following the WHO recommendation, with remuneration and rights guaranteed by their employers.

Read the MANIFESTO LETTER: For the Life of Our Mothers.

AnaPaula Black Personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19
Entrepreneur Ana Paula Xongani (Black Personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19)

Ana Paula Xongani is a businesswoman and digital influencer who has been appeared on magazine covers and product commercials and gained a tremendous followers with her clothing line. Xongani used a personal experience to share how  arecent incident affected her and used it to demonstrate the necessity of social isolation.

In the Instagram stories, Xongani revealed that her husband needed to make a trip to Mozambique and upon his return to Brazil, he experienced difficulties that made it necessary for him to sleep a few days at the airport because the border with South Africa, where his flight would make a stopover, was shut down.

“He doesn’t have any symptoms of the new coronavirus and due to the exposure of the last few days he will do the voluntary isolation to protect everyone around us,” said Ana Paula.

This is the picture of my eighth day of isolation. This past week was one of awareness, a lot of fear, new habits, emotional strategy, support and a lot of work to bring my partner home (to Brazil) after an emergency trip. Now I am preparing the house for social isolation and VOLUNTARY internal isolation. Puxado xongs, puxado demais! But being responsible is our greatest value right now, think about it! Go to stories where I explain better. .

#fiquememcasa?? #social isolation

Nath Black Personalities advise and inform Brazilians About COVID-19
YouTuber Nathália Rodrigues

YouTuber Nathália Rodrigues runs a channel in which she teaches low-income Brazilians the basics and essentials of finances, how to put away funds and make wiser decisions with their money, even earning little. Staying focused on her área, Nath took to her Twitter account to speak on the way that the coronavirus is affecting the economy as well as the steps being taken by the federal government to address the pandemic.

With her now 300 thousand strong followers, a lot of people will be listening to what Nath has to say about the crisis, and Nath recently took the time to discuss important topics such as the annoucement of BRL 200 in aid from the government for Brazil’s enormous contingent of informal and unemployed workers.  The payments were recently announced by the Ministry of Economy.

Nath Finanças



The measure announced by the government on Wednesday (March 18) seeks to guarantee income to workers who have no fixed income and, in general, also don’t contribute to social security

With information courtesy of Alma Preta

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