Black militants and middle/upper class whites clash in demonstration -Whites support police action leading to murder of 10-year old black child, blacks protest

20160613 fausto italo protesto 1
20160613 fausto italo protesto 1


Note from BW of Brazil: Surely some people must sometimes wonder ‘what the hell is going on Brazil?’ But the things that are coming out of Brazil nowadays could come as a shock to anyone who believes the country is free of racial conflict and that the nation’s citizens are all just friendly, good-natured people who love futebol, samba and Carnaval. Well, sorry for the wake up call, but if you haven’t caught wind of some of the divisions woven into the fabric of Brazilian society either through the hundreds of articles on this blog or some other news source, today’s story should definitely do the trick! 

It’s been a very turbulent few years for Brazilians. In an incredible turn of events, the country went from celebrating an exploding economy, being rewarded both the World Cup and the Olympics to being humiliated in futebol’s biggest event on their home turf, to suffering a near collapse of its once red hot economy to an impeachment process that suspended the second term of the nation’s first female president in what many acknowledge to be a coup d’etat. These misfortunes have come and intensified already existing divisions along lines of class, race and gender. Last month, the brutal gang rape of a 16-year old teen in Rio de Janeiro made world headlines and soured the country’s already damaged image as it moves into a crucial period of preparation for the city’s hosting of the 2016 Olympics. The incident once again brought into question the issue of safety that is always a concern in a country reported to have the highest number of murders in the world

debate 1
Conflict about Military Police actions in the Morumbi region of São Paulo

This issue of murder and the way in which race and class determine the value of human life in the minds of many came to forefront once again recently with the murder of a 10-year black boy by Military Police in São Paulo, the country’s largest city and economic engine that drives the economy. Government ideals of public safety are voraciously echoed by residents of the country’s upper and upper middle class residents many of whom live by the slogan that “the best criminal is a dead criminal”. Against what some label as a strong fascist element among Brazilians, issues of race and class recently came to a head as mostly white residents of an upper crust neighborhood of  São Paulo organized a demonstration of support for a Military Police unit that poor black citizens of periphery regions of large cities see as brutally murderous, an idea that is supported by the fact police forces in Brazil kill five times as many people as police in the United States.

When black militants arrived on the scene to challenge the discourse of a band of racists (as they saw them), the climate got heated leading to emotionally charged arguments (see videos below). This has become a rather common scene in recent years as a new generation of Afro-Brazilian activists are increasingly challenging society’s treatment and view of them in relation to everything from discomfort with their presence on flights, to stereotypical images on television programs, to racist campaigns that demean their hair and the country’s genocidal murders of black youthAlthough there was no report of violence, it was a scene of racial confrontation that many would assume doesn’t exist in Brazil. 

Black militants demoralize demonstration of whites in support of a black child’s death

During protest of groups for and against the death of Ítalo, Military Police responsible for security of the headquarters of the Geraldo Alckmin government saluted supporters of police violence

By Fausto Salvadori, Kaique Dalapola and Daniel Arroyo

It was to have been the day that about 20 residents of the Morumbi neighborhood of the southern area of São Paulo, mostly white, gathered to declare support for officers who killed a ten-year-old child, Ítalo Ferreira de Jesus Siqueira. But a slightly larger group, with about 30 people, almost all black, coming from the suburbs, changed the story that unfolded on Saturday morning of Saturday (6/11).

Faixas lamentam morte de criança - Foto - Daniel Arroyo, Ponte
“Racist assassins, Ítalo lives in us!!!” – Banners lament child’s death

Taking banners that called the protesters of the Morumbi neighborhood “racistas assassinos” (racist killers) and posters with the faces of young people killed in massacres committed by the Military Police in Osasco (SP) and Mogi das Cruzes (SP), blacks stole the scene of the demonstration of the whites and in the heart of Morumbi, in front of the Palácio dos Bandeirantes (Bandeirantes Palace), headquarters of Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) state government.

Each group positioned itself on one side of Avenida Morumbi, militants from the periphery shouting “racist, fascist, will not pass by” and “it hasn’t end, it has to end, I want the end of the Military Police,” while residents of Morumbi responded with “we support the MP” and “a child is in school, a hoodlum is in jail.” In this clash, the State representatives chose one side. In front of white demonstrators, a group of six police officers working in the external security of the palace struck a solemn salute and gave thanks for the act.

“Thank you, Commander,” said Lt. Damasceno, leader of the group of police, one of the pro-violence police protesters, the federal deputy and MP of the reserve Major Sérgio Olímpio Gomes (SD-SP). Asked by Ponte Jornalismo about the reason for the gesture, the lieutenant said: “Continence is a sign of respect to all good citizens.” As the officer explained himself, one of the citizens applauded the police shouting “Don’t wait for a hoodlum to shoot, no, stick the bullet in and kill, kill!”

Negros da periferia de um lado da avenida - do outro, brancos do Morumbi - Foto - Daniel Arroyo-Ponte
Black people from the periphery of one side of the avenue; on the other, whites of the Morumbi neighborhood | Photo: Daniel Arroyo/Ponte

In a statement, the press office of the Secretariat of Public Security said that “continence is a military compliance and is carried out between police, including those in reserve,” denying that the Military Police had taken sides of one side of the demonstrations. “The MP followed the two demonstrations to ensure the safety of all involved, as it does in all the protests,” he said.

The officers who made the salute to the Morumbi protesters belong to the 16th Battalion of the Metropolitan Military Police, the same of the Military Police soldiers Israel Renan Ribeiro da Silva e Otávio de Marqui that killed Ítalo with a shot to the head on June 2nd, after the boy stole a car from a condominium in Vila Andrade, a neighboring region of Morumbi. MPs claim that the boy was armed and fired three times against them while driving the car. The same version is also well defended by Governor Geraldo Alckmin, although contradicted by an 11-year old boy, who was with Ítalo and said he was unarmed, and by the inspection of Civil Police, that didn’t find signs of shots made from inside the car.

It started with the whites

Pro-MP protesters arrived first at the scene, around 10 am, after parking their cars in nearby streets of the Palace. They formed a discrete group without banners or posters. “This act is to show the governor that we support the police,” said Celso Cavallini Neves, president of Conseg (Security Council) Portal of Morumbi, responsible for the organization of the act.

Father of four children, Cavallini wasn’t bothered by supporting the death of Ítalo, who for him was not a child but a hoodlum like any other. “With ten, twelve or eighteen years, at that time he was an outcast, a criminal, that could have reached anyone on the street when he shot from inside the car,” he said.

Deputado Major Olímpio cumprimenta policiais - Foto - Daniel Arroyo - Ponte
Deputado Major Olímpio greets police | Photo: Daniel Arroyo/Ponte

Cavallini also said that the Conseg is paying the costs of defending the MPs that killed Ítalo. “I’m sure the police action was legitimate. I trust the word of the police, which are constituted authorities,” Cavallini said. It’s not the first time that the organization has supported police violence. In September of last year, the same Conseg organized a “vaquinha” (money pool) aimed at helping 11 police officers accused of the execution of two young men, one of which was thrown from a roof – incidentally, it was MPs who belonged to the same 16th Battalion of the officers who killed Ítalo.

In addition to defending the death of Ítalo (“I prefer the death of a 10-year old child criminal to a police family man”), one of the protesters, Deputy Major Olímpio, spared no offenses attacking the ombudsman of São Paulo police, Júlio César Neves. “We have an idiot of a police ombudsman of São Paulo, bigoted, and he tries to fit a version of police barbarity within the facts. He tries all the time to demoralize the police saying: ‘don’t trust MPs, they are barbarians’ and MF has police escort for the protection of his life,” he criticized.

Sought by Ponte (website), Julio said that he wouldn’t comment on the deputy’s statements. “He doesn’t deserve a response,” he said.

Arrival of black militants

Around 10:30 am, police supporters were surprised by the arrival of militants of the Movimento Negro (black movement) and collective from the periphery. “We are once again denouncing and here we’re ready to face against the people supporting the genocídio do povo negro (genocide of black people),” said the militant Alaru through a speaker brought to the action, as soon as he saw the white demonstrators.

Negros vieram de longe para o ato - Foto - Daniel Arroyo, Ponte
Black militants came from afar to the act | Photo: Daniel Arroyo/Ponte

Coming from Caieiras, of the greater São Paulo region, the unemployed Isaías Toledo, 19, spent an hour and forty minutes on the bus and train to get to the site. It was the first time I stepped into Morumbi. “What would I do here?” he joked. He said he was there to denounce the violence of the state. “Ítalo is another example of police manipulation to practice institutionalized racism,” he said.

“I am here fighting against the bourgeoisie that wants to go street to naturalize and trivialize our death. The death of youth, blacks, from the periphery,” said the general service assistant, Tatiane Nefertari, 21, a resident of Vila Formosa, of east zone São Paulo.

The screams and banners that called the participants of the pro-police act “racists” were what caused the most discomfort. “We are not racists, look here my friend,” countered Civil Police officer Mercedes  Alvarez, one of the protesters, holding hands with the vendor João Henrique Gonçalves, 31, one of the few blacks attending the pro-police act. João, his friend shot back: “The issue here is not racism. The police when they shoot don’t have to have if (the person) is blond or Japanese. I am here defending the MP and demanding security. “

Banner lament child’s death | Photo: Daniel Arroyo/Ponte

“Well your faces murder a black child. They reflect the death that you defend,” shouted Carlos Rodrigo, known as Fuca, to advocates of the Military Police. The action of the blacks made a white woman from Morumbi cry. She crossed the avenue toward the other protesters and said tearfully: “I’m not racist. I don’t want any child to die. But I also don’t want cops to die.”

“Racists” vs. “people of trash”

Most of the time, however, there was more tension than dialogue. Deputy Major Olímpio accused the blacks of being hired to be there. “They won 50 reais and a snack. They are here paid with public money,” he said. “They are here paid with public money.”

Bolsa de parapsicóloga que comemorou a morte de Ítalo - Foto - Daniel Arroyo, Ponte
Purse of the parapsychologist that celebrated Italo’s death | Photo: Daniel Arroyo/Ponte

“They are a sewer of people. They don’t have the least concern for the lives of the police,” said parapsychologist Maria Helena Franklin, 63, who, despite having eight children, said that killing Ítalo was “more than right.” “Police interrupted the career of a hoodlum. If it were a first world country, that boy would have gotten life imprisonment. Here they did the least for him,” she said. Wrapped up in a fur coat, she said she has lived in Morumbi for 31 years and complained of having suffered from the violence of the crime. “I’ve been assaulted by a child of eight years or less, skinny, thin, with a knife in hand.”

After about half an hour of shouting between the two groups of demonstrators, residents of Morumbi returned to their cars and drove away. Before gathering their banners tracks and starting to head toward the bus stop, the militants from the periphery made a call in which they responded “present” for black youth killed by the MP, such as Luana Barbosa dos Reis Santos and Lucas Custódio.

Adão, cansado de ver PMs matando jovens negros - Foto - Daniel Arroyo, Ponte
“Stop killing us!” – Adão, tired of seeing MPs killing young black people | Photo: Daniel Arroyo/Ponte

While heading for the bus, alongside comrades who celebrated the success of the challenge made against the “white elite”, the militant José Adão, 61, a member of the Movimento Negro Unificado (Unified Black Movement), created in 1978, vented saying he was tired of protesting the death of black youth.

“Our movement started with this question and still today haven’t managed to take a step forward, because we are always dying,” he said. And he confessed: “I don’t want to be here. It should be in a meeting to discuss neighborhood improvement, festa junina…But you have to run after death, death, death. It’s fucked up. “

“We’ll still come back here,” said Adão’s colleague.

“If it were for the same reason, I hope not,” he replied.

Foto - Daniel Arroyo, Ponte
Milton Barbosa, one of the founders of the Movimento Negro Unificado in 1978, was also present at the demostration. Photo: Daniel Arroyo/Ponte

Update at 3:40pm – In a telephone contact, the press office of the Secretariat of Public Security said it didn’t recognize irregularities in salute given by police to protesters Morumbi, as the report had stated. According to a spokesperson, nothing impedes that a salute is directed toward any person, civilian or military.

Black militants demoralize white residents of Morumbi

Military Police give a salute to demonstrators in Morumbi

Source: Ponte

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  1. Wow. The parallels between the American police and Brazilian Military Police are uncanny. This is what White Supremacist do. They hide behind law enforcement and pretend to kill Black people in the name of justice. Just like the American police, the MPs in Brazil are race soldiers who kill for and serve White Supremacy not an actual system of justice. And the racist MPs who kill are further supported by racist White Brazilians who condone their actions proudly. SMH.

    Brazil is LONG overdue for charges of genocide by the United Nations.


  3. Yet more evidence of the expansion of the Black collective conscious in Brazil! As recently as last year I only seemed to read stories about weak and lackluster protests about these issues. Glad to see that Black Brazilians are continuing to fearlessly take the society to task on all aspects of racism in the country!! I feel a tipping point has been reached in the country and that moving backwards is not really an option.

  4. Stop breaking the goddamn laws you idiots and the police won’t resort to lethal force. He was breaking into someone’s car. That’s considered theft and breaking and entering.

  5. The most interesting thing about the amarellos of Brazil is the fact that they don’t know that their turn is coming next. No matter how white they believe that they are and how much they think they can perpetuate white supremacy they live in a 2nd world developed country where assimilation was the norm.

    Their North American and Brazilian cousins will always remember this cardinal sin and when push comes to shove they will be next on the chopping block.

    Most white Americans feel sympathy when they see Europe being invaded by Muslims from Africa and the Middle East, however when they look at the modern political and economic crisis afflicting these amarello one drop octoroons of Brazil, I can assure you that there is not a drop of sympathy in their hearts.

    Just look at how they act when one of their own is exposed.

      • LOLOLOL!! I remember this idiot and I was SOOOOOOOOOO happy to see how his soul-less bretheren turned against him 😀 So glad you posted these here!

    • Hey Bama…

      Here’s my thing. I’ve been keeping up with developments in Europe since I discovered a deliberate plot pushing an agenda of white genocide. I have studied racial issues for a number of years and I’ve always tried to get closer to understanding why racial conflict even exists. In the past three years or so I’ve discovered where all of this is coming from…

      Let me just say, I don’t celebrate any group’s demise by forces who are behind the scenes manipulating drastic changes with the stated objective of eliminating certain groups.

      For me, the ultimate solution to ALL of these problems is separation. As long as black people live under systems of white supremacy there can never be any sort of equality.

      Why must we be continuously forced to accept whatever group that we find to be different from us? It shouldn’t be necessary and forcing us all to live together ultimately leads to conflict, oppression, death, bitterness, etc.

      Instead of celebrating anyone or any group’s demise, I believe that we should all have our own. Our own wealth. Our own land. Our own resources.

      With that said, I can’t celebrate an open agenda of white genocide when that is EXACTLY what was attempted in Brazil against the black population. I don’t live believing in any sort of racial utopia, “We Are the World”, “we are all equal” or anything like these empty slogans. But when we learn that there is a “hidden hand” driving certain agendas on the world stage, we must all be bigger than that.

      • Gatas –
        I facetiously included these videos as a retort to your troll who insists on continuing to post on this site!

        I actually don’t really think there is a “hidden agenda” to promote white genocide. I think they are just naturally dying out because of the folowing:

        1) Excessive use of birth control and abortion
        2) They were already a worldwide minority
        3) Immigration of black, brown, red, and yellow people into their countries
        4) They are weak b*tches who get depressed in large numbers, take drugs and overdose on them, and commit suicide at the first sign of discomfort.
        5) Obsessively try to change the natural order of sex and gender (gleefully promoting ideas like non-binary sexuality, asexuality, transgenderism, hyperfeminism, and gender neutrality – all which result in a massive reduction in childbirth in white populations)

        I agree that all “tribes” need their own space in the world, and that they are the leaders in invading spaces that were never theirs, due to the fact that Europe has always been the least independently productive place on the planet! It is a cold and desolate place that has few valuable natural resources and whose people lack real imagination.

        I do not necessarily “celebrate” their demise, but I am hardly staying up at night crying about how rapidly they are dying out as a populace. They are self destructing, rather than being wiped out by any outside force.

      • Hey Bama,

        In reality I truly wish we could have this dialogue in person because there are things that I won’t discuss on the internet. But let me just tell you, most, if not ALL of the 5 points you made are in fact social engineering.

        These things don’t just happen by themselves without a guiding force behind the scenes. And while you nailed a few of the reasons for which the slow genocide of whiteness is happening (Excessive use of birth control and abortion, immigration of black, brown, red, and yellow people into their countries, take drugs and overdose on them, and commit suicide at the first sign of discomfort
        and obsessively try to change the natural order of sex and gender), you haven’t been able to recognize WHY these things happen.

        In the same way that you don’t recognize the pending demise of the US Dollar, economy and civilization, you can’t really get to the crux of the matter without understanding the “hidden hand”.

        For many years, I couldn’t figure out why the world works the way that it does (poverty, massive concentrated wealth, murder, drugs, incarceration, racism, gender inequality and so many more problems), but I learned that we will NEVER know why this is if we keep watching the mainstream media (CNN, NBC, Globo, Record, etc), studying in colleges and universities, going to churches, etc. ALL of these avenues are part of the “fix”. They are ALL controlled by the same forces.

        Now, when I wrote this in one of our debates, you kinda dismissed it as simply “conspiracy”. But when I have these discussions with people I often ask them what does the word “conspiracy” mean? It is simply two or more persons working together to do something evil. Thus, by definition, what I speak of IS a conspiracy! It is a MASSIVE, highly organized global conspiracy. When people don’t believe this I simply point them to the famous JFK speech. He was perhaps the last real American president and he tried to warn Americans and the world and look what happened to him!

        And because this conspiracy is global, we cannot think that our people are not affected by the aims and goals of the conspiracy that, at this moment, we are discussing in terms of its effects on white people.

        In the US, the black population has suffered a stifling of population growth due to decades of abortions of which the black community was targeted.

        Black, brown, red, and yellow people in their countries are being systematically driven into conditions of perpetual slavery all over the world.

        As drugs are pushed into majority black and poor regions, we suffer at the hands of a phony “war on drugs” in which we are senselessly murdered by police or fall prey to mass incarceration.

        Black people are increasingly falling for the whole gay/transgender movement. I have NEVER been one to oppress persons living this lifestyle. But I also don’t condone the promotion of it. The promotion of this agenda can also be proven if we go back to the 1970s. We are only seeing the fruits of its development in recent years.

        All I will say is, I would in fact need a few days (not hours) to accurately lay out THE FACTS that I have on these subjects. I GUARANTEE that if we were to ever meet, I would prove to you beyond a shadow of doubt that ALL of these things are social engineering and your perspective of world events would probably change quite a bit.

        As I’ve written, I’ve studied this since I discovered this “hidden truth” and it wouldn’t be possible to explain it only through the comments we exchange on a blog.

  6. World Population by Continent
    Current World Population by Continent

    Population estimates as of 2010. Source: Population Reference Bureau

    Asia 4,157,300,000

    Africa 1,030,400,000

    Europe 738,600,000
    North America* 461,114,000
    South America 390,700,000
    Australia** 36,700,000
    Antarctica*** 0
    Total World Population 6,814,814,000

  7. @Gatas –
    Yes I am aware of a lot of the conspiracies theories that may or may not be true for just about everything happening on the planet! They all seem to involve who will be about who the next superpower will be and what will be their preferred currency…
    I have the following thoughts on some of these issues:

    There have been “haves and have nots” throughout human history. There have been a wealthy few who have sought to control all of human existance throught history. These are not new, though conspiracy theorists will have you believe that they are. Some examples of this would be Ceasar Augusta, Mansa Musa, Ghengis Khan, Shenzong, Akbar I, Bill Gates, cavepeople who had more food/hunting ability than other cavepeople = more valuable for the entire cave population, etc. Unfortunately, many people would have you believe that extreme wealth and power in the hands of a manipulative few who want to create the world as only THEY see it is a new concept, is a new concept…but it ain’t…

    This one has been around for some time (at least 25-30 years). I usually see these conspiracies peak during times of cyclical economic depression in the US and the stories are usually sponsored by a company that would like you to immediately start spending the money you have left on the gold and silver that they, of course, can provide you. This is capitalism at its very best! This theory also relies on the general public not understanding the nitty gritty of world economics and global politics. However, one only needs to take a basic economic class and maybe do some reading up on global political science to put the fear of the “total collapse of the US dollar” to rest. It is more likely that the dollar would fade out in favor of a new currency that is more stable than the dollar. Because the entire global economy rests more strongly on the shoulders of the dollar than any other currency in existance, again, a swift and total collapse of the currency is – again – highly unlikely…but…ya know…it could happen…

    Since most of the reasons for the white Genocide that I have mentioned were created and promoted by other white people, I have problem with this.

    Of course, some believe in things like the “Kalergi Plan for white genocide” (which was created by some white guy name Kalergi). Supposedly, this guy things that the way to the new world order is to just create borderless countries and make everyone a mulatto so that no one has a race or tribe and will,thus, be easier to control! I can’t even, with this…

    What is much more likely is that brown and black people from the Mid-East and upper African regions are now invading European countries for reasons such as the following:
    1) It was Europeans that haphazardly created the countries that we now know to be the countries of the middle east – Particularly France and Britain. They screwed up royally in arbitrarily creating these countries for their own gain, and now the whole region is f*cked!

    2) Close proximity of European countries to politically and socially unstable Middle Eastern/African nations.

    3) Europeans (rather than Americans) as the original colonizers of these now unstable nations.

    4) Europe really doesn’t have a way to really stop all these people from coming to their shores – not unless they want to just openly kill them all on the spot as they come to European shores…

    As for white people dying/ not reproducing in record numbers due to drug overdoses, high suicide rates, loooooots of birth control/abortion, etc….well…they are doing this to themselves…

    I have spent my fair share of time reading conspiracy theories as they are fascinating and sometimes even true! But just because a story appears in “alternative media” doesn’t automatically make it the “real story”. And just because something appears in “mainstream media” doesn’t automatically make it a lie. When reading alternative media, just remember that most of it is also run by people who want you to buy their books, visit their websites, go to their lectures, and buy things from them…just like the bad guys 😀

    • Hey hey hey….Always a good convo with you!

      Here’s my thing. I wrote this before but I’ll share again. You wrote:

      “However, one only needs to take a basic economic class and maybe do some reading up on global political science to put the fear of the “total collapse of the US dollar” to rest”

      This is my exact point! If you believe a basic economics class is going to tell you the truth about the global economy, you’ve been deceived! Why would they who control the world tell us the truth about what they have planned? The better alternative (in their view) would be to educate people in these classes, make them believe they’ve learned the truth and then these students go on to support the same BS that they are selling us. I’ve already had debates with folks with Master’s Degrees in economics who couldn’t get a few basic concepts exactly because they have Master’s Degrees and think they know it all. Keynes, for example, was a puppet and his work is pure propaganda!

      Kalergi, in fact, wasn’t white. He was of some sort of mixed race. I believe Austrian with Asian mixture. The fact is that the Kalergi Plan is in effect! European leaders receive awards for doing the most to assist with this plan!

      Next, the US Dollar will collapse! You cannot sustain such debt for so long without an eventual complete collapse. The US GDP/debt ratio is actually worse than Greece’s but the US having the global currency has temporarily shielded it from Greece’s fate. But this won’t last forever. It is a planned collapse! There is NO other way to explain it!

      In terms of talk of the Dollar’s collapse being around for 25-30 years, you have to realize that in a conspiracy that has existed for hundreds, or even thousands of years (depending on when you believe his all actually started), 25-30 years is no time! The US has only officially been the major player on the world stage for about 70 years now. These plans use the “boiling frog” approach so simply because it takes time and we can’t predict exactly when it will happen, we cannot dismiss the signs.

      Also, stability of currency is manufactured as are the prices of gold and silver. So what is it that makes you think the Dollar is stable and cannot be taken down?

      Other points…

      I no longer look at France and England as the ones responsible for so many calamities around the world. Both countries are mere puppets being used to advance an agenda. That role as main puppet is now the US. It’s not the US but rather those who control the US.

      Genocide promoted by whites against whites is not actually the truth. Again, within the “hidden hand” there is a force that is in everyone’s face but people still don’t see it. Woodrow Wilson once spoke of this.

      I disagree that Europe cannot stop massive immigration. The fact is that they won’t because it is the exact plan!

      “loooooots of birth control/abortion, etc….well…they are doing this to themselves…”

      I disagree with this also. The same way this was pushed and promoted in African-American communities, so too has it been promoted in Europe supported by the necessity of women to enter the workforce to support their families. All of the things you’ve mentioned, again, are being manipulated from behind the scenes and when they happen, no one knows why! It’s actually an ingenious plan although very evil!

      Last thing. I don’t necessarily reject everything from the mainstream media nor accept everything from alternative media although the latter makes a LOT more sense in its explanations of world affairs and history.

      • Gatas-
        Alright I see where ur coming from with most of your points! I agree that there is a hidden hand that rules all. However, I also believe that the more conscious the people of the world continue to become, the less effective the manipulators are! Resources like the internet, Dark Web, Youtube, and other sources have made these kinds of shenanigans increasingly difficult for the “elite” to carry out. What is currently happening in Brazil is occuring because of the powerful voices of its citizens. As a result, the country – though it is struggling – has been able to stave of the complete collapse of its currency, economy, and society, as has happened in the past with similar situations. It is because the collective consciousness is and always has been much more powerful than that of the elite few. This is why things like totalitarian regimes and dictatorships always eventually fail. In the end, only time will tell which way the wind will blow. And after seeing so many of the conspiracies not materialize after decades (and even centuries) of trying…well…I am no longer losing any sleep about most of them. The thing is that too many people have access to information that they didn’t have before. We no longer rely on “masters” to give us information. You no longer need to even leave your home to research a topic on a profound level, or wait even 5 minutes to communicate with people all over the globe. Then you have whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and “Hacktivists” like the Annonymous collective putting real pressure on the global elites in a way that the world has never seen before. The elites will always cook up plans to try to control everything, but without the support of the the billions of people living on the planet, they will continue to fail. Sure, many people may suffer and die (as this has always been the nature of life on the planet Earth), but mother nature and collective desire ALWAYS win in the end!

  8. I forgot to add that the dollar CAN be taken down – just not in an armageddon “collapse” scenario as many people think. That is, not unless the “hidden hand” wants to collapse the economies of the entire world (which are ALL heavily reliant on the strength of the dollar and the US economy above all others. This is why the bursting of the housing bubble sent the WORLD economy into a tailspin. Brazil was not heavily effected because China and the US were still investing in expensive Brazilian commodities. Times have changed since the slowdown in the Chinese economy).

    Also, a high debt to GDP ratio does NOT = “imminent collapse” – just ask Japan! Again, you will have to study to understand why the US dollar does not behave as, for example, the Brazilian Real does where the world economy is concerned in order to better understand this concept. This is why practically every year this metric is used to predict the collapse of the dollar, and why, every year, the dollar never really seems to “collapse”. Rather, it weakens or strengthens, depending on the internal economy,the world economy, and who America has or has not pissed off that day 😀

    If you know what to look for, you can also observe how the IMF “plays dirty” with countries that dream of quickly creating an alternative monetary system or playing economic hardball with the US. The BRICS Bank was supposed to give the IMF / World Bank a run for its money in a relatively short period of time (according to those who do not understand the interplay between economics and politics). Shortly thereafter, we saw the US impose crippling sanctions on Russia, and Brazil is (thankfully) being forced to impeach a bad president by international investors who have (thankfully) chosen not to all leave Brazil in the sh*thole, since your interim president promises to make “market friendly” changes to your tax / social security / workers’ rights systems. The Chinese economy has also slowed down significantly, further weakening the ability of the BRICS Bank to gain steam quickly, as China is making – by far – the lion’s share of the investment into the bank. This is economic warfare at its best (or the not-so-hidden hand that many refer to).

    Until a real alternative to the dollar is created, no one – particularly not the super rich – will benefit from an organized collapse of the US dollar. As I mentioned before, the dollar may eventually fade gradually away if a prefered world monetary alternative and huge economy like the one in the US are created. In fact, it is highly likely that the US would play a heavy hand in creating such an alternative currency exchange. So if the whole New World Order conspiracy (that has potentially been in play for THOUSANDS of years) is a true one, it may take a while still for it to come to fruition. And if that happens, there will be nothing that you can really do about it, other than maybe live off of your own farm and buy and sell things on the black market.

    At the end of the day, again, NONE of these things are new. They have been occuring since the dawn of man.

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