Black Brazilian men and women featured on Forbes 2020 under 30 list

Note from BBT: It’s been my mission for several years to keep readers aware of at least a little of what’s going on black Brazilians. And even though trying to cover everything about Black Brazil past and present is an impossible task because there is simply too much information, I feel a certain satisfaction when I see highly-respected media outlets present reports on the strides that black Brazilians are making.

Forbes is obviously a well-respected magazine and every year, the people behind the business and financial magazine put out an issue that features “movers and shakers” in the under 30 category. As Brazil is a country with more than 210 million inhabitants, a large percentage of whom are of visible African descent, we can expect that at least a few of these “movers and shakers” would be black. Makes sense, right?

Some of people presented in this year’s list are people who have been featured on this very blog at one time or another and for them to be featured in the Forbes Brazilian edition, they must be doing some pretty bigs things. Let’s check them out.

Black men and black women featured on Forbes 2020 under 30 list

By Beatriz Nascimento

The business and economic magazine Forbes has released a list of the most promising names in the country, among entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and other professions, every year since 2014. Each candidate is evaluated according to a series of objective and subjective criteria and metrics.

Check out the names of those who make up the under 30 list, released on December 29, 2020, and are considered promising young people in the country by Forbes.

And the young black nominees are:

Photo: Wendy Andrade

Jéssica Ellen

The 28-year-old actress, singer and dancer from Rio de Janeiro has always participated in cultural activities in the public schools where she studied. At 14, she was nominated to participate in the “Novos Horizontes” (“New Horizons”) project, the objective of which was to offer a complementary education to the school. At 17, she was one of the three selected in a group of 30 students for an exchange program in Oxford, England, where she stayed for a month. Today, Jessica is a big name in Brazilian dramaturgy.

Jarid Arraes

Born in Juazeiro do Norte in the state of Ceará, the 29-year-old writer, cordelist (see note one), and poet currently lives in São Paulo, where she created a writing club for women. Jarid wrote Redemoinho em dia quente (2019) which earned her the APCA Literature Award in the short story category and already has more than 70 titles published in cordel literature. Last year, she was also one of the Northeastern women writers who were finalists for the 2020 Jabuti Literature Prize.

Photo: Lane Silva.

Karine Santos Oliveira

At 27, she is the founder and CEO of Wakanda Educação Empreendedora (Wakanda Entrepreneurial Education), which provides training and educational guidance with the goal of empowering businesses that were born out of necessity.

Photo: Staff Images/CONMEBOL.

Brenner da Silva

The 27-year-old São Paulo striker is currently the fourth-youngest scorer in the club’s history. In addition to all his professional achievements, the player is also very active on social networks and is always very firm about his positions.

Richarlison de Andrade

The 23-year-old footballer started playing futebol (football/soccer) in the Nova Venécia, Espírito Santo youth futebol schools. His first steps to becoming a professional were in the ‘Palestra’ project. The current Everton striker has a strong position regarding social causes and is one of the most active voices in the anti-racist struggle within futebol.

Nathalia Rodrigues

The digital influencer best known as Nath Finanças, 21, is a well-known name for addressing in a very didactic way issues about organization and financial planning for black and low-income people. The content is posted on her Youtube channel, which currently has over 220,000 subscribers.

Christiane Silva Pinto

The 29-year-old founder of Afrogooglers is part of Google Brazil’s Racial Equality Committee. And, through her work, has increased the number of black employees in the company.

Rita Carreira

The plus size model, 27, idealized a workshop to encourage fat people in the workplace and actively participates in debates about fatphobia and racism.

João Diamante

The renowned 29-year-old chef has already worked in a restaurant at the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France). He was responsible for the menu of the Spanish delegation in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and is currently considered one of the promising young people in the country.

Source: Negre


  1. A cordelista is a person who does Cordel literature (from the Portuguese term, literatura de cordel, literally “string literature”), which are popular and inexpensively printed booklets or pamphlets containing folk novels, poems and songs, which are produced and sold in fairs and by street vendors in Brazil, principally in the Northeast. They are so named because they are hung from strings in order to display them to potential clients. Source
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