Black beauty featured on covers of three fashion magazines in Brazil



Note from BW of Brazil: I gotta admit that this was a pleasant surprise! It’s simply not something you’re going to see very often. The plight of black models in Brazil should be fairly well known by now (if you’re not familiar, click here). Similar to other industries, if one a foreignor visiting Brazil and were to judge Brazil racial makeup according to its fashion runways, fashion magazines and magazine covers as a whole, said person would easilty come to the conclusion that there are very few black people in Brazil. It’s one thing for this blog to have discussed the issue in numerous previous; it’s something that one really has to take note of if the opportunity to visit Brazil ever presents itself. 

I’m not going to get too much into celebrating this rarity because the very fact that such an incident even needs to be celebrated tells us just how lacking black faces are in the print media. Three black faces doesn’t come anywhere near changing the overall Eurocentric standard. But it did make me do a double take!


Black beauty is featured on covers of three fashion magazines in Brazil. And this is great!

Nayara Oliveira, Joan Smalls and Maria Borges are simply stunning!

By Amauri Terto

It’s necessary to celebrate the change of discourse of fashion magazines of Brazil and the world. In recent years, they have given way to beauties that go beyond the padrão eurocêntrico da mulher branca (Eurocentric standard of the white woman) established as ideal.

This June, magazines ELLE, L’Officiel Brasil and Vogue Brasil provide examples that also support this movement by bringing modelos negros (black models) simultaneously on the covers of their new editions.


With the whole look of the brand Channel, the model stamped on the cover of L’Officiel Brasil of the month of June is model Nayara Oliveira. The carioca (native of Rio) model celebrated the highlight in the fashion magazine in a publication on Instagram.

“Much appreciation for all who have made this dream a reality and that allow me to dream more and more, because it is indeed possible,” she wrote.


Vogue Brasil brings Puerto Rican supermodel Joan Smalls on the cover of this month’s edition. She also used her profile on Instagram to celebrate the highlight of her work in the publication. “Extremely excited to be there at Vogue Brasil,” wrote the model.

The new edition of ELLE Brasil magazine that comes to the newsstands in the next few days brings on one of its covers the Angolan Maria Borges who was the first black African model on the cover of the American publication in 20 years.


In addition to the highlight of the catwalk star, the magazine also unveils the unprecedented support for the #TiedTogether manifesto, idealized by The Business of Fashion, one of the top news platforms on fashion and business.

The campaign, seen on the runways of last week’s fashion week in NY, is symbolized by a white bandanna and proposes a global discussion on diversity, love and inclusion in fashion.

Source: Brasil Post

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  1. About time, when i was in Brazil i must admit i was shocked to see no black beauty on the front of fashion magazine. Whereby i am surrounded by beautiful black brazillian people.

  2. This is great, although I will only truly be able to celebrate when we have our own magazines…

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