Black Artistic Front expo presents shows, dance, theater and fair with Afro-entrepreneurs in Rio



Note from BW of Brazil: Yet another initiative that aims to promote the work of black artists and entrepreneurs.  We’ve been seeing these sort of events exploding all over Brazil particularly in the past decade with Feira Preta being the biggest and arguably the springboard for subsequent events. Afro-Brazilians have long shown that their talents have the potential to drive a number of industries, but the time have come that they begin to reap the full benefits of their specialties. This latest showcase went down in the last week of June and I hope to see more of them in the near future. 


Black Artistic Front with shows, dance, theater and fair with Afro-entrepreneurs in Rio

By Laísa Gabriela de Sousa; Photos: George Cambeiro

The pre-launch party of the Frente Artística Negra (FAN or Black Artistic Front) already has a date and place of June 28, at Beco do Rato, in the Lapa region of Rio de Janeiro, starting at 6pm. The event was organized by the carioca (Rio natives) composers Mombaça and Cacá Franklin and promises a lot of music, dance, theater performances, a fair with afro-entrepreneurs presenting their products, braid stylists and more.


According to Mombaça, the choice of holding the party in “Beco de Rato” is because it is a territory of herança africana (African heritage). “Lapa is an environment historically identified with the territoriality of the FAN project. So, the event could not be done elsewhere. Anyone there will see a great meeting. We will have a show in which the artists of the collective will perform, as for example: ‘Sergio Loroza, Filhas de Maria, Jéssica Passos, DJ Pedro Carneiro, Bruna de Paula among others,” he says.


For those who like poetry, you can see the performances of the poets Dalberto Gomes and Jorge Magnun. Jorge is from Maré (Rio de Janeiro) and deals a little with his daily reality in the role, Dalberto is a cultural activist and author of five books. After the presentations, an interactive parade promoted by the models of GPMS Model’s, an agency of only black models in Rio, as well as a theater performance done by the students of the theater course of the GPMS with the sketch ‘Tem Gente com Fomo’ (there are hungry people) by Solano Trindade, will be presented.

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Afro-entrepreneurs will be in the space with pieces ranging from clothes and accessories, through perfumery to even braid stylists, barbers, and makeup artists. The trancistas (braid stylists) Vanderson Nascimento and GShow das Tranças (GShow of braids), by Glauber Sabino, will also be present.

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“I am a trancista, artisan and also a personal defense instructor. I worked doing braids in two salons in São Paulo, the Charme Black and Zelma tranças,” says Vanderson. “I’m from Jacarezinho, in Rio. I took q barber course in 2004 in the Navy and learned the art of braiding at the Salão Afroshow. I took the hairdressing course to get qualified and know more about our area. Today, I have 14 years of experience in the area of beauty. My biggest passion is braids. It is from there that I make my livelihood and I also teach this art,” completes Glauber.

In 2019 Mombasa will turn FAN into a Carnival bloco. “Let’s have a sound car, rehearsal, godmother, princess, queen, everything that’s right. And of course, we want to parade too. Outside the season, we want to do projects, workshops, braids and shows. In addition to an artistic project, we want FAN to be a structuring project in the area of knowledge,” he concludes.

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Source: Mundo Negro

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