Bike riding while black: YouTuber recording video for channel interrupted when police approach him with guns drawn

Note from BBT: What more can anyone say beyond ‘why?’. As what happens on social networks these days, on Sunday I saw this video being shared by numerous people online. Most of them had variations of the phrase, ‘what’s it like to be black in Brazil?’

In reality, the video had already appeared on my feed at least twice before I took the time to watch it all the way through. The first time I watched it, all I saw was a guy riding on a bike. I know now that I stopped watching just as it was about to heat up.

My thing is, we already know that police will eff with us for any reason, legitimate or not, and to avoid confrontations, we should all just not do things in public that may solicit attention. But at what point do we need to adjust our lives in order not to appear ‘suspicious’ in some way?

If I’m driving a nice car, I could get pulled over. If I’m seen entering my own home, I can be accused of burglary. If I offer assistance to as senior citizen, I’ll be accused of assault. So, what now? Can I at least practice a few tricks on my bicycle? Apparently not…

Video: police approach to black youtuber in Goiás revolts social networks

Courtesy of  Congresso Em Foco

Episode shows what it is to be black in Brazil, say followers on networks

‘What happens if you are black and are training with maneuvers in the park on your bike? Don’t you know? See what happened today in the Cidade Ocidental.’

– Gabriel Eduardo (@oblogdobiel) May 28, 2021

The video of a police approach in Cidade Ocidental in Goiás state, about 50 km from the capital city of Brasília, provoked outrage and revolt in social networks. While filming maneuvers he did on his bicycle for the channel he keeps on YouTube, the young black man Filipe Ferreira was surprised by two policemen, who get out of a vehicle, telling him to get away from the bicycle. One of the policemen points a gun at Filipe as soon as the YouTuber asks what’s going on.

Police approached Ferreira with guns drawn

“Put your hands on your head,” says the policeman. “Why are you pointing the gun at me?” asks the cyclist. “It is an approach,” replies the MP. The young man asks for respect, says he is a worker and is just recording his maneuvers. “This is not how you treat a person,” he complains. “This is the procedure, put your fucking hand on your head,” replied the policeman shouting.

Unhappy with the aggressiveness of the approach, Filipe takes off his shirt to show that he has nothing and turns his back, as the police ask. Next, one of the MPs says that the young man did not obey him at the moment he requested and handcuffs him, claiming contempt.

Filipe Ferreira discussed his ordeal via social media

At no time did the YouTuber curse or harass the cops. “I will handcuff you because you didn’t obey the legal order I gave you,” said the MP. “Resist then see what will happen to you”, threatened the policeman.

The video went viral on the networks with criticism of police action and structural racism in Brazil.

“What happens if you are black and are training with maneuvers in the park on your bike? Don’t you know? See what happened today in the Cidade Ocidental,” Gabriel Eduardo wrote on Twitter, when he published the video, which has more than 1.8 million views. Among the more than 3,000 comments in the publication, other Twitter users point out that the episode reveals what it’s like ser negro no Brasil (to be black in Brazil).

The Congresso em Foco website was unable to contact Filipe Ferreira. The space is open for the youth and the MP from Goiás to tell their sides. See some comments on Youtuber about the video:

….my blood boiled seeing this shit now. I couldn’t even finish it.

– Luiz Oberst (@Le_LuizOberst) May 28, 2021

Then they shoot and strike the guy, they say the victim reacted to the approach, this is how it happens!!!!

– Eduardo (@abreuu_s) May 29, 2021

Source: Congresso Em Foco

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