Beauty Clara Paixão transitions from weave to her natural hair texture

Afro Brazilian women
Clara Paixão: bloco Cacique de Ramos & Beija-Flor Samba School of Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro

When she entered the Muse of Caldeirão of Huckcompetition in 2007, Clara had straight hair down to her height. She loved the look, but with the passage of time, she got tired of people only admiring her hair. For the Rio competition for carnival queen, she decided to radically change her look. She took out the “megahair (weave)”, started rocking her own hair and is now the only candidate wearing her naturally afro textured hair. 

“There were people that criticized me saying I should be better prepared, with straight hair. But there were people who had supported me also saying that the Carnival queen had to be an authentic mulata, proud of their roots,” she says, with her 42 inche hips, 255 ml of silicone breasts and an 8-year daughter. “She is preparing my choreography,” she says.

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