Bahian designers Meninos Rei seek to bring their innovative prints to all of Brazil!

meninos rei colecao 2015 02
meninos rei colecao 2015 02


Note from BW of Brazil: In yesterday’s post, we brought you the news that for the first time, the number of Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs has surpassed the number of white entrepreneurs. Although the vast majority of these entrepreneurs are micro and small business owners and inequalities continue to exist, this advance is still a signal that Afro-Brazilians are taking advantage of opportunities in the Brazilian consumer market and finding ways to exit traditional jobs and the “place” that Brazil has always reserved for them.

Designers Junior and Céu Rocha along with models Suzana and Suzane Massena
Designers Junior and Céu Rocha along with models Suzana and Suzane Massena

One of the areas where they are staking their claim is in the fashion arena where a number Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs (1) have been slowing carving out their niche in recent years. Today, we bring you a brother team from Bahia that are looking to shake up the fashion market throughout Brazil with their trendy new designs. 

The authenticity and originality of Meninos Rei


With only four months of existence, the truly Bahian brand, Meninos Rei (meaning King Boys), is already dictating fashion among the famous and taking up space in the wardrobe. Born to meet the male audience, the brand invests in playful, fun and different prints, designed and produced in exclusive pieces.


The words that may define this proposal are: deconstruction and construction. Deconstructing a pattern of colors, patterns and designs surrounded by conservative thinking, to construct pieces with a different finish and with information that feeds into the identity.


| The brand was created by the brothers Júnior Rocha and Céu Rocha, fashion producers, that propose always innovating and ensuring that no one goes unnoticed |


Until then some fashion shows and various booths mounted shows have already been put on. Today, they are in the production of the Editorial of the “2015 Collection” that has as background in Rio Janeiro. Rio was chosen because the creators have the proposal to bring Meninos Rei to all of Brazil, so it is considered important to construct editorials in different places without losing Bahia as its birthplace.

Models Suzana e Suzane Massena
Models Suzana e Suzane Massena


Singers Gilberto Gil, Magary Lord and Mariene de Castro
Singers Gilberto Gil, Magary Lord and Mariene de Castro

Gilberto Gil, Mariane de Castro, Magary Lord, Miller Ramos, Margareth Menezes, Vanessa Borges, Duda of Diamba, Jorge Wallace, Marcio Vitor, Diggo de Deus, Uran Rodrigues, Kanário, Adilmar Borges, Amarildo Fire, the artistic director André Simões, fashion producer Fernando Luis and various models many throughout Brazil have rendered themselves to the colored shirts of Meninos Rei.

Some videos were posted by these artists inviting everybody to know the work of the brand up close.


In addition to all of this, they are always in the media. The main blogs, websites and TV channels are reporting on the pieces and the conceptual proposal.


The brand was launched on Tuesday (3/31) on their site and in a few months will be on an online store, expanding their market and audience.


There will be a parade in Rio de Janeiro, with the launch of the collection, but there is still no closed date.

They are also planning the opening of a store in Salvador and Rio.


| To purchase any item, simply choose the pattern, the model (sleeveless – R$ 130.00, with sleeves – R $ 130.00, long sleeves – R $ 150.00) and contact the Meninos by phone (71) 9139-7283/8820-0969. Sales E-commerce |

Source: Estilo Black


1. For more reports on these entrepreneurs, see here, here, here and here

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  1. Another EXCELLENT report on Black innovation in Brazil!

    Fashion is another area that I have spent many hours pondering/debating with my friends and family in Brazil. Its mainly because of 2 reasons:

    1. The ready availability of tailors and seamstresses virtually everywhere, who
    can design and make clothes, OR who help YOU design your own clothes and
    make them for you at a reasonable price.

    2. The brilliant, colorful, and unique fashion that exists ONLY in Brazil!

    Because there is such a high availability of interesting fashion choices here in Brazil, I cannot understand why so many people are paying thousands to go to the US to buy crappy and boring brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, or GAP.

    In any case, I hope to see much more from the Black creative sector and Black businesspeople of Brazil!

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