Bahia judge, Andremara dos Santos, assumes the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the STF (Supreme Court)

andremara dos santos
andremara dos santos


Note from BW of Brazil: If it is true that representation matters, then black women of Brazil recently saw yet another excellent example of an image in which to see themselves. Of course, we always bring you information about those who most often appear in the media (singers, actresses, models, dancers, etc) but we also bring you several success stories that shatter the myth that Afro-Brazilian women only serve to occupy certain stereotypical positions.

Just a few of those names include people like Ivone Caetano, the first black woman Court of Appeals Judge in state of Rio de Janeiro, Alzeni Barreto, the first black woman to become a judge in Valença, BahiaLuislinda Valois, the first black woman to become a judge in Brazil,  or Nilma Lino Gomes, the first black woman to be dean of a federal universityNilma Lino Gomes, the first black woman to be dean of a federal university. Today, we present the appointment of a Bahia judge to an important position in Brazil’s Supremo Tribunal Federal (Supreme Court). 


Bahia judge assumes the general secretariat of the presidency of the Supreme Court

The Bahian judge Andremara dos Santos, who took over as instructor magistrate in the Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF/Supreme Court) in January this year, was invited by Minister Carmem Lúcia, elected president of the STF, to head the secretaria-geral da presidência da Corte (General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Court).


As an instructor, she fulfilled her duties in Lúcia’s cabinet while she the minister was vice president of the STF. Before assuming the position in Brasília, Andremara served as assistant of Corregedoria das Comarcas do Interior do Tribunal de Justiça da Bahia (TJBA or internal affairs of the interior of the Court of Bahia. The inauguration in the office of the presidency of the STF is scheduled for Tuesday (13).

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  1. This wonderful news! I love to see THIS representation of Black people in Brazil, as a reminder of our innate intelligence and ability to persevere!

  2. Brazil needs to reach a point where something like this shouldn’t even be news. In the US, I was often surprised to read stuff like the first black quarterback for a major NFL team. Supposedly, as I later was made to realize, Blacks were not intelligent enough to throw and angle a ball to a position that another could run to and catch it. I used to think: “WTF. Don’t these bastards realise that some of the greatest cricketing heroes come from the Caribbean?” Hand-eye co-ordination is nothing new to Blacks. I am now glad to see a few black gold medals in Olympic swimming. All this crap about bone density is over. Off to the pool, folks!

    • I agree 100% ! And don’t forget how Black athletes have also taken over tennis and gymnastics as well! I believe that the tide of Black Awakening in Brazil (and around the world) has reached a tipping point. It cannot be stopped now. Let’s see if if the white alien race will declare war on us, work with us, or simply cease to exist! Only time shall tell…

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