Attitude! Beauties of Cacique de Ramos meet and recognize each other in colorful turbans

bira presidente com suas beldades
bira presidente com suas beldades
Bira Presidente with his beauties
Bira Presidente with his beauties

Note from BW of Brazil: This blog often tackles tough issues that people have difficulty discussing: racism, the genocidal murders of black youth, the analysis of interracial relationships and the Eurocentric Brazilian media, among others. But sometimes it’s nice just to admire great photos of some of Brazil’s beautiful women without having to get into controversial topics such as cultural appropriation that may accompany the topic of the post, which is something we have featured here on the blog in a number of previous posts: the growing popularity of turbans among black women in Brazil.

Attitude! Beauties of Cacique de Ramos meet and recognize each other in colorful turbans

Courtesy of Piscitelli Entretenimentos

They have become fashionable, but the style and the attitude that express the frame the natural beauty of women and men who make a difference. The muses, the princess and queen of (Carnaval bloco) Cacique de Ramos learned the techniques and styles and have already adhered to the fashion, check it out:

Miriam Duarte - Queen
Miriam Duarte – Queen

Miriam Duarte, Carnival queen of Cacique de Ramos, is a model and actress by profession and is used to frequently changing her look. Wearing turbans, however, for her, was a unique experience because of the close relationship with culture and religion of African matrixes. The beautiful morena says that the feeling of being produced for the editorial was a coronation and affirms that the wraps are now part of her life.

Carola Oliveira

Carola Oliveira
Carola Oliveira

Attributes are not lacking for the first princess of Cacique de Ramos, Carola Oliveira. Full of attitude and grace, she’s used to the accessory, as she’s already embodied a bride utilizing turbans in the place of arrangements and wreaths in a photo shoot. The model, dancer and theater student has in the moorings a compliment to her style. Adept of all models, she’s used to utilizing them in diverse occasions from the finest productions to the more sophisticated. Carola doesn’t spare prints, colors and the beauty of the fabrics to display her royalty.

The sculptural - Monica Rocha
The sculptural – Monica Rocha

Monica Rocha has held the title of sculptural muse of Cacique de Ramos for three years. Her identification with African culture led her to samba and Carnival. This is the first experience of the muse with turbans. Before she thought she wouldn’t have the profile to wear the accessory, but loved learning about it and wearing it for this editorial. She’s already attuned to seizing new models and techniques to diversify wraps that she plans to use on other occasions. The diva is also Madrinha da bateria (godmother of the drumbeat) of Unidos de Cosmos.

The luminosity of Luciana Bráz
The luminosity of Luciana Bráz

Luciana Bráz is a coach of Meio Ambiente and one of the new muses of the bloco. She believes that the wraps are a great accessory option for all persons irrespective of race or creed and even sex, as men also embellish themselves with wraps. Her preference is for open models where she can let her tresses show, and further enhance her beauty.

The attitude of Adeline Gervásio
The attitude of Adeline Gervásio

Adeline Gervásio is a model, actress, and new member of the beauties of Cacique de Ramos. Adept at ethnic fashion that she took to the streets, she takes on the accessory like a crown. And her day to day makes use of turbans of all styles, and she recommends the wraps, be they for cultural expression or to mark a difference in any production.

The grace of Emanuelle Farias
The grace of Emanuelle Farias

Emanuelle Farias is one of the new faces of Cacique de Ramos. “Manu” is a nursing student. In this editorial she had her first contact with the wraps, and was enchanted. Willing to learn, use and abuse the colors and shapes in the composition of different looks, the future nurse will impress even more with her lavishing style.

Word from the specialist:

Carmen Araújo - stylist
Carmen Araújo – stylist

Invited to this editorial, the designer Carmen Araújo sought to identify the styles of each of the beauties. Between colors, tastes and shapes, the specialist also told a little about technique and symbolism of the use of turbans. She stressed that the turbans are for all peoples and styles. Under her maximum this editorial … Inspiring and Tying Attitude!


Fashion – Turbantes

Realization: ASCOM Cacique de Ramos

Photos: Márcio Lopes

Production: Nayra Cezari

Turbans production: Carmen Araújo

General Director: Bira Presidente

* Thanks:  Nayra Cezari

SourcePiscitelli Entretenimentos

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