At 40, actress Isabel Fillardis faces a risky pregnancy: “I thought about giving up, but I’m against abortion”

Actress Isabel Fillardis is expecting her third child
Actress Isabel Fillardis is expecting her third child

Note from BW of Brazil: Isabel Fillardis is a well-known actress in Brazil and a favorite here on the blog. While Isabel hasn’t been quite as publicly visible as she was in the mid to late 90s and first years of the 21st century, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy. Between being a devoted wife and raising her two children, one of which has special needs, Fillardis also became known for the two NGOs she founded several years ago, one of which is devoted to women who also have special needs children. When Isabel received news that she was pregnant again, she was also warned that her pregnancy could be risky but she decided to move forward and is looking forward to welcoming her third child. Below is her story. 

Mother of Analuz and Jamal, who has a rare syndrome, Isabel Fillardis is in her third pregnancy

by Carlos Ramos

The mother of Analuz, 12, and Jamal Anuar, 10, carrier of the rare West syndrome, a type of epilepsy which alters mental development, Isabel Fillardis was filled with the courage to get pregnant for the third time at age 40 and 13 years of marriage with businessman Júlio César, 47. The actress is in the seventh month with another boy and faces a risky pregnancy. But she proved to be happy in life receiving CONTIGO! magazine at her home in the Jacarepaguá area of west zone Rio de Janeiro.

Isabel with husband, businessman Júlio César
Isabel with husband, businessman Júlio César

“When they learned that I was pregnant again, several mothers spoke of my courage, admitting they were afraid of having another special son. There are a lot of people who root for me and pray for Jamal. This vibration is already wonderful. The baby is fine, is healthy and growing well. The only problem is with my cervix. I need to take injections of corticoid to strengthen the baby’s lungs, because, if he was born premature, he doesn’t have a respiratory insufficiency. It’s such a different pregnancy. In the previous (pregnancies), I was working, traveling … this time, even the baby clothes and room are because of my mother and my sister. But I’m very happy. My husband had doubt, but I really wanted this and our daughter asked for a brother for her and Jamal,” revealed Isabel.

With children Jamal and Analuz in a 2008 photo
With children Jamal and Analuz in a 2008 photo

Resting at home

Isabel discovered that she was pregnant in the sixth week of gestation. And she was terrified the doctor’s opinion. “My doctor said, as I was turning 40 and had gone through a very complicated situation of trauma (the discovery of the problem that Jamal has faced since he was 2 months old), this pregnancy would be risky and that I could lose the baby at any time. At the time, I thought about giving up, but I am against abortion and, given all I’ve ever experienced in my life, I know I’m a strong woman. It was written in the stars that I would be a mom again,” she said thrilled.

Posing for the camera at seven months pregnant
Posing for the camera at seven months pregnant

Because of the high-risk pregnancy, the actress needs a lot of rest. And despite living in a large two-story house in a wooded condo, she hardly ever descends the staircase. “I can’t even stand or walk very long because of the weight and the cervix. I had to have a cerclage (suturing of the cervix) to carry the pregnancy to term,” she explained.


At 10, Jamal still does not speak and barely walks. “His future is uncertain on the issue of rehabilitation. I don’t know how he will end up. He has everything to be fine, cured, independent, but it’s unknown. He still babbles like a baby and expresses himself more with gestures. Doctors say they don’t know what will happen with my son, or if he will vegetate or die at such an age. But Jamal is already starting to walk alone and is doing well in school.  I get strength from I don’t know where. It’s a handful…,” she concludes thrilled.

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