At 37, actress Cris Vianna stays in shape with ballet and bodybuilding

Aos 37 anos, Cris Vianna mantém a forma com ballet e musculação


Note from BW of Brazil: Actress Cris Vianna is a favorite here on the blog and has been featured in a number of previous posts. At 37 years of age, the beauty seems to not have aged a bit and is physically still at the top of her game. Below she reveals a few secrets of how she maintains her physique. 

At 37, Cris Vianna stays in shape with ballet and bodybuilding

Actress Empire also avoids foods with gluten and lactose, because they leave her stomach bloated

At 37, Cris Vianna owns a lush beauty, besides having a tight body. The actress of the Globo network’s current novela Império reveals how she stays toned and lean.

“I maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Even reducing the amount per week, I don’t stop exercising. I took a break from ballet, but usually I do it twice a week. I also practice bodybuilding with a personal trainer. I don’t like to gain a lot of weight, I think my body being very muscular doesn’t work. I’m very attentive, because for me, bodybuilding needs to be strengthening and inside of a frame that’s tranquil for me,” revealed the beauty to the official website of the novela.

Diet is also another factor that Cris pays a lot of attention to. Her diet includes many foods without gluten and lactose, which retains liquid and leads to swelling.

“One thing I learned and that I wasn’t used to is eating every three hours. I had a lot of difficulty. Now, I am attentive to what is derived from cow’s milk and gluten, which helped me a lot in reducing fluid retention and swelling. I already didn’t care for sweets. My nutritionist taught me to have a glass of juice, eating gelatin, fruit, a lighter cereal bar… Then I fill my bag with little snacks and always have a little something to take to eat. And I don’t go around starving to death.”

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