"As Minas" video by Ana P., Mis Ivy, Thiene and Nikita

Don’t know much about this group at all. The song is called “As Minas”, which is sort of a street slang way of saying “As Meninas” or, the girls, typically used by guys who refer to themselves as “manos” which is appropriated from the Spanish term “hermano” or “brother” in describing someone with whom there is a mutual respect and friendship. This group is composed of four young ladies, Ana P., Mis Ivy, Thiene and Nikita and they’re coming out of the São Paulo Rap/R&B, or rather “Rhythm & Beats” sound that carries a huge dose of American influence

Regardless of whether you like the song or video, I know what vibe I get from them, but tell me…Who do they remind you of? Any group in particular?

Afro Brazilian women

Check out the video below and tell me what you think.

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  1. Alguns artistas daqui, Brasil, não sabe como fazer sucesso e começam a copiar o que vem de fora, neste caso o que é norte americano. Nada autêntico e com letra sem relevância, porém para algumas " minas" ou "manos" que não gostam de refletir e apenas curtir um som … isto está bom. rs na verdade elas não (me) nos representam. Mas Esta aqui representa as mulheres negras brasileirashttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCpgJlw-19g&feature=related

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