Argument over parking space ends in woman’s arrest for racism

black Brazilian woman

An argument over a parking space in the downtown area of Uberaba (Minas Gerais) on the afternoon of February 14th ended with a police report denouncing racism. A woman was arrested and required to pay bail to be released.

According to the officials of the Municipal Guard, who relayed the facts of the incident around 3:45pm in the 500 block of Artur Machado Street, the victim, known as S.B.R.S., 37, had been verbally abused by the accused, M.R,M., 37, during an argument over a parking space. The victim had gotten off the back of a motorcycle that was driven by her husband, L.S., also 37, to wait for him to park the bike next to a chocolate shop.

Uberaba, Minas Gerais

At that moment, there was a collision between the bike and the vehicle of the accused, who was also parking. When trying to intercede on behalf of her husband, who was being verbally assaulted, according to the Guarda Municipal (Municipal Guard), the victim said that she would call the police and heard when the accused called her macaca (monkey).

Officials of the Guarda Municipal were alerted and the accused was caught and arrested in the act and taken to 15th DPC Delegacia de Polícia Civil (Civil Police Precinct), where bail was arbitrated by the delegate on duty.

Source: JM Online

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