Another quilombola community leader murdered in Bahia: 36-year old Binho latest in string of assassinations most likely connected to land rights

Quilombola leader Bahia was killed by 10 shots as he sat in his car

Note from BW of Brazil: The people know what’s going on. Some months back, as the issue of land rights of Afro-Brazilian fugitive slave communities began to heat up (see previous material here), I remember reading one activist saying how the communities must stand up in this struggle before they started to see the increase in the assassinations of their leaders. People know. A few weeks ago, yet another black leader was gunned down and while the newspapers didn’t speak on the political ramifications of the crime, there is almost no way to dispute the motive. I will continue to keep readers posted on developments in this struggle. Condolences to the family of Flávio “Binho” Gabriel Pacífico.

Community leader, Flávio Gabriel Pacífico, 36, also known as Binho was killed on September 19th

Quilombola leader shot dead in Simões Filho

Courtesy of A Tarde and Instituto Cultural Beneficente Steve Biko

The community leader, Flávio Gabriel Pacífico, 36, also known as Binho do Quilombo dos Palmares, was shot dead on Tuesday morning, 19, in the region known as Pitanga do Palmares, in the city of Simões Filho, in Salvador’s Metropolitan Region.

Flávio was assassinated in the town of Pitanga dos Palmares

He was murdered near Centro Comunitário Nossa Esperança – when he parked his car in front of a neighbor’s tent to receive some money. At that moment, another vehicle approached, called Flávio’s name of and fired 12 shots at the quilombola.

Flávio, who was on his way to his mother’s house, where he would accompany her to a doctor’s office, was struck by 10 shots. He was married to leaves three children.

Eliene dos Santos, esposa do líder Quilombola Flavio Gabriel Pacifico dos Santos expressa perda
Binho’s wife, Eliene dos Santos, grieves the loss of her husband

Binho’s body was found inside his car, in front of the Municipal School of Pitanga de Palmares with bullet wounds.

Binho is the son of the former secretary of the Promotion of Racial Equality of the municipality, Maria Bernadete Pacífico, who is also a militant in the struggle for the valorization of the quilombola communities and those of African origins.

Dor e comoção marcam o sepultamento do Binho
Pain and emotion marked the burial of the quilombola leader

In 2016, Binho participated in classes at Biko, together with the students of the Pre-Vestibular (college exam prep courses), especially in the classes of the discipline Cidadania e Consciência Negra – CCN (Citizenship and Black Consciousness). He was already a candidate for councilman of the municipality of Simões Filho and was recognized for his militancy in favor of human rights, especially when it came to the Quilombola community where he originated.

Moradores de Pitanga de Palmares fecham rua em protesto pela morte de Binho do Quilombo
Residents of Pitanga de Palmares close street in protest against Binho’s murder

The crime will be investigated by the 22nd Simões Filho Territorial Police Station.

Source: A TardeInstituto Cultural Beneficente Steve Biko

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