Another queen! Miss Paraná 2016 is also a black woman: Raíssa Santana will represent the state in the Miss Brasil 2016 contest



Note from BW of Brazil: Wow! Another one? I have to admit that I’m a bit surprised to see yet another black woman chosen to represent her state in the Miss Brasil competition. Not because Brazil is not full of beautiful black women but because, historically, Brazil regularly ignores black beauty. Which is why only one black woman has ever been crowned Miss Brasil in over 60 contests! Raíssa Santana is the fourth Afro-Brazilian woman who will represent her state and there is a possibility of more to come with many more state competitions to come. You know, it’s great to see such representation, especially considering that the southern state of Paraná is one of the country’s whitest. Not to put a damper on the good news, but I have to wonder…Four black women have already won state competitions (see here, here and here). It’s an incredibe feat considering the fact that most state competitions of 25-40 women usually have between one and three black contestants. Do you believe in conspiracies? Well, of course it would be great to see another Afro-Brazilian woman crowned Miss Brasil, and with four black women and counting, there is now actually a strong possibility, even with there being 26 states and a Federal District of which women will be chosen. What is the chance that there is a plan to crown a black woman just to quell the rising tide of black militancy so that the powers that be can say, “See! A black woman won! Because racism doesn’t exist in Brazil!” Sound far fetched? I don’t think so…Whatever the outcome, congratuations are in order to Raíssa Santana!


Another one: Miss Paraná 2016 is also black

Courtesy of Todos Negros do Mundo


Accustomed to the catwalks and being featured in advertising campaigns, Raíssa Santana was born in Bahia but lives in Umuarama. It was for this city that she was elected Miss in 2016, which was already a major victory for a black woman, especially in southern Brazil. But on the night of July 9, 2016, Raíssa Santana claimed an even greater victory winning the Miss Paraná 2016. The contest is usually almost “hidden”, being recorded and, by decision of Band TV, was transmitted only a week later. But Raíssa herself already celebrated in her social networks and various portals and regional newspapers have already published her victory.


Although the south of the country is predominantly white due to the large concentration of German and European descendants in general, Raíssa Santana was not the only black woman in the competition. There was still Quesia da Silva representing the city of Columbo and Luciana Tavares representing Pinhais. That is, the chances of a black woman being chosen were great.

The event that took place at the Chateau Village Buffete and was attended by 500 guests, bringing together representatives of 41 municipalities in Paraná but the night belonged to Umuarama, the municipality that once again won the title.


Raíssa Oliveira Santana is 21 years old, 1.77 tall (5’9 1/2″), is a professional model and a marketing student. With the victory Raíssa didn’t just win the title of Miss. The new Miss Paraná received as principle awards: R$10,000.00 (ten thousand reais),  a graduate or post-graduate university scholarship, a crystal crown, as well as costumes and accommodation in Rio de Janeiro for official photos, besides being the representative of Paraná in the traditional Miss Brasil contest to be held on October 1st in São Paulo.


Sunday, celebrating the victory, Raíssa wrote on her Facebook page:

“Diversity. We are all diversity, there is no word to define the human being, today I can be love, tomorrow I can be pain then I can be faith, hope! There are no differences that make us who we are?!”


Raíssa reinforces the team of black women who will be in the Miss Brasil in 2016 increasing considerably the chances of us having finally a black Miss Brasil. Recently the beautiful Deise D’anne emerged victorious and will represent the state of Maranhão. Sabrina Paiva, of the São Paulo city of Caconde, was elected Miss São Paulo and is a strong candidate to take the national title. There are still a few more states to elect their Misses, we cheer so that we still have more representation and the odds increase in the Miss Brasil 2016.


For those who didn’t have the good fortune of being present to see this victory up close, the special Miss Paraná BE Emotion – will be exhibited, only for Paraná, on BAND TV on Saturday, July 16, at 10:15pm.


Would you like to see if she deserved it? Check the above photo gallery of the beauty.

Source: Todos Negros do Mundo

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  1. I hope one of these sisters win. It would be nice to have a black Miss USA and a black Miss Brazil in the same year. It is pretty tiring to see parmalatinhas who do not represent the majority of brazilian women continue to win these white supremacist beauty contests. Most Brazilians know and accept the fact that beauty pageants in the country are racist against non white women. As far as how each of these women identify themselves, this shouldn’t matter because we all know a black woman when we see one.

    Parda and Morena are social status constructs. When it comes time to remind these women that they are negrinhas, the white supremacists in Brazil will not even think about hesitating to do so.

  2. One of the things that many parmalats in Brazil will claim is that the south has the best models and the most beautiful women as a reference to the German heritage of the mexican looking mestiza women with fake blonde hair that live there.

    It will be funny to see what they say when black women start winning these competitions.

  3. Brazil needs to select black women to represent them at the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants because I’m tired of seeing ugly white women that look like Giselle Bundchen represent Brazil!

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