Another one! Winner of Miss Maranhão state increases the chance of a black Miss Brasil



Note from BW of Brazil: Well now, today we have a little good news as well as more of the same ole which actually negative. Of course, from the title of today’s article and the photo you must be wondering, how is it that an Afro-Brazilian woman can win a contest and this be seen as negative? Well, before we get to that, congratulations are in order to Deise D’Anne who was crowned Miss Maranhão and will represent her state in the Miss Brasil competition later this year. The same ole, same ole/negative comes in the fact that the representation in the Miss Maranhão contest was reminiscent of what happened in Bahia a few years ago but worse! 

Deise D’Anne was the only black woman in the contest. This photo features 10 of the other 26 contestants.

You see, Maranhão and Bahia are two Brazilian states with the largest percentages of afrodescendentes (African descendants) in the country. In the 2010 census, both states registered 76% of its inhabitants as being preto or pardo, which combined is considered the Afro-Brazilian population. Bahia is considered the African center of the country due to its large black population and cultural connections to Africa but in the Miss Bahia contest of 2014 , only one-fourth of the women looked as if they had any genetic connections with Africa. The same thing happened in Bahia in 2013! No here comes Maranhão. Although Deise D’Anne won the contest, according to the TNM (Todos Negros do Mundo) website, D’Anne was the only black woman among the contestants – all 27 of them! Deise is the third black woman to claim the title of Miss in her particular state after Emille Fernanda Costa took the crown in Tocantins in February and Sabrina Paiva was named Miss São Paulo. And just to understand the significance of this, Brazil has only had one black Miss Brasil winner in over 60 years of contests!

Deise D’Anne is crowned the new Miss Maranhão

Another one! New Miss Maranhão increases the chance of a black Miss Brasil


Deise D’Anne

This past Tuesday ended differently for the young maranhense (native of the state of Maranhão) Deise D’anne. The 25-year old Physical Education student that stands 1.75 in height, arrived at the Arthur Azevedo theater as one of 27 candidates and came out as the Miss Maranhão 2016.

Miss Maranhão 2016 contest

Deise, representing the city of Santo Amaro is a professional model and was the only black woman among the 27 candidates, despite the large number of black people in the state of Maranhão.

Deise D’Anne, the only black contestant in the recent Miss Maranhão contest

Deise D`anne will represent Maranhão in the Miss Brasil 2016 contest, which will be held on October 1 at CitiBank Hall, in São Paulo. She will not be alone representing blackness as recently the beautiful Sabrina Paiva of the São Paulo city of Caconde was elected Miss São Paulo and is a strong candidate to take the title. There still remain some states to elect their Misses, we cheer to have more representation and to increase the chances in the Miss Brasil.


See the girl’s photo gallery. Does anyone doubt that she deserved it?


Source: Todos Negros do Mundo

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  1. This is wonderful. I’m happy for this beautiful black woman and what she accomplished. I wish Brazil would export more of this type of image of their women and not the Gisele Bundchen’s and Adriana Lima’s we always see.

    • To say that Brazil is 50% white is a complete joke. I have been to Southern Brazil many times and most of those so called “white people” look like Mario Lopez and Salma Hayek.

      In the very silly asinine Brazilian racial standards these people are white but in North America and Europe these people would be called mestizos. If you take away all of the fake blonde hair and plastic surgery it becomes clear that the majority of white brazilians are yellow brown skinned which is why they are often called “amarelos” and parmalat. Most white Brazilians have significant amounts of Black Blood along with traceable amounts of Asian, Native American, and even some Middle Eastern ancestry.

      Brazil is probably AT MOST 20% white when using US racial standards and US visual classification. I would maybe say that the South is generously 50% white but this is probably a stretch. This is coming from a Black American Man that knows what REAL white people look like and has lived with Southern Brazilians. Trust me, I know a white person when I see one and the concept of a massive white population in Brazil is a hilarious joke.

      • I’m brazilian my self and i can assure you that we are not a perfect country and society anyways you mentioned that brazil is at least 20% white its more than that according to the brazilian census brazil is 47.73 % white not 20% remember we where the country in south america that recieved the most immigrants from europe than any other country in south america brazil is the country in south america with the highest white population more than other south american countries

        the south of brazil there are allot of blonde people and white people
        but in the north of brazil there is allot of black and mixed people

      • You put the white population in Brazil at 20%? I put them about 30-35%! I met a couple of so called white Brazilian folks here in the US that asked me if they looked white. I told them that they looked white because it wasn’t my job to them anything. I have never in my life had a white person asked me if they were white but go figure!

    • If you want to know the racial composition of Brazilians just ask the Brazilian police. They do a very good job of classifying people and treating them based upon what they see.

      Also travel to Brazil and pay attention to how people are insulted. Even though Brazil likes to perpetuate all types of myths about its racial democratic heritage, when it is time to remind a black person of their race, no one hesitates to do so whether they come from the favela, are a legendary singer, or the head of the supreme court.

  2. I have always thought that Black Brasileiras are some of the most beautiful women in the world. You got a lot of the best genes from Africa.

    We all know that the Miss Competition is fundamentally white supremacist and that whiter women will always have preference and reign supreme even in cities and states where the majority of the people are black.

    It is only when super talented black models step into the game that this institutional racism is challenged. I am proud of these women because it takes a lot to win in an apartheid country like Brazil where all of the odds are against you.

  3. Judging from the unsalted blandness of the chicks behind this winner, this wasn’t really even a contest😂

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