Angolans protest against the murder of the slain Angolan engineer Zulmira de Souza Borges Cardoso on the International Day of African Liberation

Signs: “Say No to Racism”, “Say No to Violence”, “Justice for Zulmira”
The website Mamapress expressed its condolences to the family and friends and the Angolan people for the racist murder of Angolan woman Zulmira de Souza Borges Cardoso, the 26 year old engineer that earned her degree in Brazil. As we reported here on Thursday, Cardoso was killed and three other students, including a pregnant woman, were wounded at a São Paulo bar. After exchanging words with the students, all Africans, a Brazilian man left, and returned 20 minutes later and fired shots in the direction of the group. The shooter has yet to be identified. Cardoso was to return to Angola in one month. Although the motive of the assault has not been defined as of yet, the shooter had verbally assaulted the African students calling them “monkeys”. Over the past several years, African immigrant students have experienced several incidents with racism on Brazilian college campuses

Zulmira de Souza Borges Cardoso graduating from Uninove University
Zulmira’s mother and relatives had already sent her a return ticket to Angola, with guaranteed employment, according to information given by the consulate in Rio de Janeiro, to a Brazilian mother who stood in solidarity with the young Angolan students, who tragically celebrated  the “International Day of the African Liberation”, on May 25th with a protest in front of the Consulate of Angola in Rio de Janeiro.


In Rio, about 60 Angolan students and 3 Brazilians, held on the morning of Friday the 25th, an act of protest against the murder of Zulmira de Souza Borges Cardoso and called for swift a and summary punishment of the guilty party. In São Paulo today, where Cardoso was murdered, there was an open invitation to the community to gather and follow her body to the Guarulhos International Airport just outside São Paulo where her remains would be flown back to Angola. 

Flyer: 30 thousand young blacks murdered per year: 
The society and the state (will) change this reality?

Article based on article at Mamapress. Photos courtesy of Mamapress. 

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