Angolan shot and killed in Brazil, in front of three-year-old daughter; some believe murder was due to his criticism of government

angolano morto a tiro no brasil c3a0 frente da filha de trc3aas anos
angolano morto a tiro no brasil c3a0 frente da filha de trc3aas anos


Note from BW of Brazil: A lot a questions surround this murder that took place in northern Brazil in the last week of 2016. We have facts and we have speculations and we have a possible motive, but that’s not always enough to draw conclusions. I wanted to share this news to simply continue the blog’s occasional coverage of experiences of African immigrants in Brazil

Angolan shot and killed in Brazil, in front of three-year-old daughter

Walter Etna Duvall (pictured), an Angolan resident in Brazil for about three years, was fatally shot outside his home in the Brazilian state of Pará. The crime happened last Tuesday, the 27th, in front of his 3-year old daughter.

Courtesy of Novo Jornal

According to the Brazilian Civil Police investigating the crime, Walter Etna Duvall, 34, may have been murdered because of the texts he published on a personal blog whose content was markedly critical of the management of the municipality of Abel Figueiredo, located in the southeast of the state of Pará.

Known as a dissenter, Walter wrote articles about the lack of payment of the municipal workers of Abel Figueiredo, as well as about some dysfunctionalities of the municipality, namely in the area of Health and Security.

Married to a Brazilian woman and the father of two girls, Walter was shot in front of his eldest daughter, only three years old, at a time when there was a power outage in the city.

“Walter was sitting in front of his house with his oldest daughter of 3 years, when an unknown man approached and took two shots, one in the head and the other in the chest. Walter tried to run into the house, but eventually fell dead inside the room, where his wife was,” reports the local press.

Source: Novo Jornal

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  1. the state of Para is in the north of brazil….maybe you are thinking of Parana , which is in the south

    lots of political murders happen in Para

  2. the north , north east, and amazonas areas have more deaths per person than rio or sao paulo…these recent prison intra inmate slaughters is a hint of how violent it is . what with the competition of the local families connected to the rio commando vermelho and the sao paulo giant drug gang pcc , squaring off. they are playing soccar with the heads of their rival gangs…

    the commando vermelho is from rio and tied to fernando beira-mar’s connection, actualy caught with the farc in colombia, and, the farc has been proven to do business with the pcc , and in mato grooso de sul and bahia…they are thirty percent of the coke / crack flood that came into brazil making it the highest ranking crack using country in the world

    the farc are the marxist thug armed rebels (recently sighned a peace treaty) who specialise in kidnapping and holding victoms in horrible conditions, and huge drug dealing, and crossing borders to venezuela and equador to hide out , as well as their tired marxistist obligatory armed revolution until recently

    chavez supported them, gave them money , aided and abbetted them, and that makes him a contributor to the horrible coke crack flood that came into brazil …i bet his money was an investment for him in their coke running…there are ominous hook ups with venezuela coke runners, hooking up with islamic terrorist groups in north africa

    the farc crossed borders into brazil various times and kidnapped young brazilians to work for them, i saw two seperate reports over several years where this happened…they also get brutal with local indians

    the farc may keep their drug dealing going, brazil is their cash cow.

    im not 100 percent sure , but , i think chico mendes and nun dorthy , an american, were assasinated in Para also , but im not for sure…land owners play a brutal game up their

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