Amor Preto: The Cure for a generation thirsty for integration with enslavers

Amor Preto: The Cure for a generation thirsty for integration with enslavers

Amor Preto: The Cure for a generation thirsty for integration with enslavers
Amor Preto: The Cure for a generation thirsty for integration with enslavers

Note from BW of Brazil: I came across the piece below several months ago and it exemplifies the discussions about interracial unions, the whitening of black families and the genocide of the black race in Brazil that are becoming more and more common within the black Brazilian communities of social networks. Of course, everyone is familiar with networks such as Facebook or Instagram, but I’ve seen this conversation going down also in a number of imitation networks such as Instazu and Pictame that, while clearly not as popular as the aforementioned mainstream social media outlets, they are just as important for the conversation on the ”underground”, if you will. 

Embranquecimento - Gilberto Gil - e. Fpg
”The Gil family on Bela Gil’s end of the year program. Brazilian self-hate x 1,000. All of Gil’s grandchildren are white.” See note 1

Those unfamiliar with this topic will probably look at the topic and not understand the necessity of discussing black love or even label it as somehow racist, but in a nation in which black people were taught to desire and pursue relationships with white-skinned people, speaking of ‘amor preto’, meaning ‘black love’, can indeed be revolutionary and healing. Without this discussion and understanding of the necessity of ‘amor preto’, we will continue to the see the annihilation and disappearance of black skin in Brazil, as was the discussion about one prominent black man’s family recently

Black Love Cures

By Ashanti

”It burns me up when I hear men/women of the raça negra (black race) say that a certain race or group of people treat us better to justify the choice of having an interracial relationship. Which doesn’t correspond to the truth.

The moment we seek the truth and understand that both the black woman and the black man were dehumanized in a violent, abrupt manner that made them hate themselves and the other, then the emotional wounds begin to heal so we can see the affection in the other.

The two still bear the after effects of physical, psychological, and emotional wounds, in which men have felt fragile, powerless, and ashamed for not protecting their women and families from the atrocities committed by their enslavers, so both will understand that the cure that they seek in the cause of this discrepancy of affection, they will only find in those who share the same pain.

How can the race that dehumanized you, raped you, murdered all your culture and ancestry, castrated all the possibility of establishing a family, treat you better and come to give you lessons of what a relationship and love are?

Why do they insist on fulfilling exactly what is engendered no genocídio da nossa raça (in the genocide of our race)?

What barbarian race, violates, rapes, bloodthirsty by nature, can come and talk about what it is to treat the other in a relationship?

Is the mulher preta (black woman) aggressive? Is the homem preto (black man) violent? No. What is lacking is the same patience, tolerance, understanding and submission (sometimes necessary for both parties) that you have with the whites. We were programmed to hate ourselves, not to understand ourselves, to see only the defect and the failures and as such, there is neither room nor time for self-healing and healing of the other.

Why do interracial relationships seem to work out the most? Because both the black man and the black woman, enter into the relationship even if unconsciously, with a certain openness to submission, to give to the other (white). Certain things in these relationships are tolerable and even normalized so that the relationship works, but with a black man/black woman we don’t have the same patience and dedication.

Submission and even inferiority complex in these relationships is seen as respect and giving to the other, but in a relationship between blacks it is a dispute of egos, of those who rule and those who obey…. and to make matters worse we stick our heads and our asses in these European agendas of machismo and feminism in an unprecedented battle of egos!!!!

The cure between blacks is only possible on the basis of awareness of what our past was and why remnants of that past still affect us in the relationship.

In this photo below, a woman is basically giving herself to her senhor (master) to save her man, she is willing to bear the pain and hand herself over herself to save him, among other examples in which men also subjected themselves to save the skin of the woman.

Nzinga on black love, amor preto - E

If during slavery our ancestors were able to give themselves to each other to protect the family and often unsuccessful, why don’t blacks today try harder to self-care and take care of each other? We do exactly the oppressor’s work: perpetuating the idea that blacks do not know how to love each other, blacks do not respect each other, Africans do not value their women, black women do not understand their men, black men are violent, aggressive, savage and uncivilized, when in fact history shows the opposite. Search for history and discover that in many civilizações africanas (African civilizations) (matriarch) the woman was treated like a Goddess, there was always mutual respect and neither of them needed to remind the other of their rights and their duties.

The European invasion of Africa killed what I would call amor puro, pure love, between our race and today true love is not being taught to this generation thirsty for integration with their enslavers.”

#Amor Preto Cura (Black Love Cures)


bela gil (Amor Preto: The Cure for a generation thirsty for integration with enslavers)
Popular television cook Bela Gil, daughter of musician Gilberto Gil (Amor Preto: The Cure for a generation thirsty for integration with enslavers)
  1. This comment that I saw posted earlier today is in reference to popular TV cook, Bela Gil, who is the daughter of legendary popular musician Gilberto Gil. For a new generation of black Brazilians who are beginning to question realities, reasons and results of decades of mixed unions, Gil’s family represents the perfect example of why it is necessary to question the promotion of interracial unions in Brazil’s black community. Gil’s family and its progressive whitening process has been the topic of this discussion in numerous black-oriented communities in social networks. See here.
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