Aline Mattos, formerly of the popular reality show Big Brother Brasil, does her first sensual photo shoot

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À lá Beyoncé: ex-BBB Aline does her first sensual photo shoot

Aline, formerly of the popular reality show Big Brother Brasil, makes her first sensual photo shoot, but avoids showing her butt – ‘Mine is a pigeon (butt)’

Photos: Roberto Moreyra/O Globo
“The photo shoot is for being sensual? I don’t do (that)!”, said Aline Mattos to the Retratos da Vida (Life Portraits) producer, while handling some outfits. “I like that swimsuit. It looks like Beyoncé (1)”, she continues, getting excited in trying on the piece. “I just don’t want (a) thong. The rest (of it) I’ll use,” she concludes.
After refusing several invitations for photos of this variety, the resident of Rio’s Paciência neighborhood agreed to do the session for the first time in a sensual photo session. “I don’t know how to be sexy,” she exaggerates as she already became super comfortable with clicks of the camera.
It was a session of such a pulling her leg up here, lifting her body there variety… “I just don’t want to show my butt,” said the mulata (2), leaving the entire session team in laughter. The first to be eliminated from Big Brother Brasil’s 13thedition, Aline explained  that she never accepted doing sexy photos for (guess what?) fear of criticism. 
“A lot of people laughed at my videos in BBB. And I am fully aware that I don’t have a big butt (and) hot body. Imagine if I appeared naked? It won’t work! In my community, a beautiful woman has to have a big butt (3). My butt is a pigeon butt.”
Minutes later, the morena (2) explains why she agreed to show a little for the first time: “I saw that it was going to be chic and I always wanted to be chic.” Indeed, it was. After 7 hours of etiquette classes, Aline says that she learned to hold herself more and talk less. The expert touches have been instrumental in the interviews that she granted. Only in interviews! “How will I use etiquette in the favela (slum) where I live, tell me? How?” she explains, adding that she’d rather keep her mouth shut that say something stupid. So cute!

Notes1. As we have pointed out in numerous posts here, singer Beyoncé is a huge reference for black women in Brazil. Either the Brazilian media makes comparisons with any attractive black woman in the media at the moment or the women themselves make a reference to the American pop star or her influence.2. In previous posts we have discussed the usage of the terms mulata and/or morena to describe women of visible African ancestry in Brazil and the media’s insistence of using these terms even when the women themselves reject them and define themselves as mulheres negras (black women). In a previous statement, Aline Mattos also rejected being classified as a mulata and preferred to define herself as a preta (also meaning black woman). These terms have decidedly political or non-political meanings behind them. For a discussion of this see our article, “When I discovered I was black”, by Bianca Santana. For a discussion on Brazilians of visible African ancestry choosing racial terminology to define themselves see here and here.

3. Although Aline is clearly an attractive woman, one has to wonder what effect this standard of beauty will have on her and other women who feel they may not measure up in Brazil, a country consistently near top ranking of countries with most cosmetic procedures performed. As the controversy surrounding Gracyanne Barbosa’s bumbum recently showed, many women are taking that extra step to attain this standard synthetically when they feel nature has let them down.
Source: Globo Extra

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  1. She is beautiful, but the eyes always tell what is going on in a photo shoot. For her first sensual one not bad, but she is clearly not always on that mark in the camera, close but still not quite sensual. And yes within the Black community world wide having a "ample behind" is a goal and hope of most black women. However, in Eurocentric circles a tone flat one will be fine, she already got the breast implants and thin.

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