“We’re watching you!”: Afro-Brazilian lawyer, part of truth about black slavery commission, finds fascist/KKK warning posted in front of his house

advogado racismo ku klux klan
advogado racismo ku klux klan


Note from BW of Brazil: I know that most people, including Brazilians themselves, wouldn’t believe that there are elements that adhere to white extremists view extremists organizations, but, as I’ve demonstrated over the years, all they need do is do the research and they’d find very obvious clues of its existence. There are still a number of stories I have yet to publish in relation to apologists of openly racist organizations, but the things I’ve posted over the years on Skinheads, Nazis and neo-Nazis is more than enough to prove the point. The fact that Brazil once had the largest Nazi party outside of Germany should also demonstrate that this allegiance isn’t something new that just recently sprung up. Last month, after the demonstration in Charlottesville in the US, I and other writers explained why such a demonstration happening in Brazil wouldn’t really be shocking because all of the elements of such thought are there. Recently, a black lawyer in southern Brazil also discovered a very clear example of this.  

Lawyer Marco Antônio André recently found this flyer posted in front of his home

Fascists threaten black lawyer in Blumenau

Courtesy of Revista Fórum and Pragmatismo Político

“Black, communist, antifa (anti-fascist) and macumbeiro, we are watching you,” says a poster pasted on a pole in front of the house of the lawyer Marco Antônio André, who is part of the Comissão da Verdade sobre a Escravidão Negra no Brasil (Commission of Truth on Black Slavery in Brazil), of the OAB (Brazilian Lawyers Guild).

The Nazi-fascist uprising seen in the United States recently is not far from Brazil. Last week, graffiti with swastikas and racist messages were found in the bathroom of a college in Santa Maria (state of Rio Grande do Sul). On Monday (25), a black lawyer from Blumenau (Santa Catarina state) came across a threat of fascists on a poster pasted on a pole in front of his residence.

“Negro, comunista, antifa e macumbeiro, estamos de olho em você” (Black, communist, anti-fascist and voodooist, we are watching you), reads the poster, which also has a representative image of the racist KKK (Ku Klux Klan) movement in the United States.

Marco Antônio André, who is a practitioner of Candomblé, revealed the threat in a post on his Facebook profile. A member of NEAB (Nucleus of Afro-Brazilian Studies) at Udesc (State University of Santa Catarina), the lawyer was not intimidated and said that he will continue to fight “for a more just and egalitarian society.”

He received numerous messages of support and colleagues reported that they denounced the case to the state prosecutor, who has not yet issued a statement.

FB post

Marco Antonio André –  Advocacia & Consultoria.

“This morning the posts of my street and the door of my house saw the dawn arrive with this warning.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I struggle for differences to be respected. Being from Candomblé (see note one), besides being an act of faith, is to worship my African ancestors. When I put myself in favor of the less fortunate and I fight for the rights and equality of ALL, I don’t want to exclude, I want to add. If my struggle against fascism is uncomfortable for some, the problem is not with me.

I will continue in my struggle for a just and equal society. I will continue steadfastly in the battle with NEAB, because it is through EDUCATION that we will change a lot. I will now, more than ever, be part of the OAB’s Commission of Truth on Black Slavery in Brazil, because even in Blumenau there are many stories that have not been told.

Thanks to all for the messages of support, this only shows that the author of the facet is a minority.”

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Marco, who claims to be “more adept” to Martin Luther King than Malcolm X, claims to have been targeted by racist attacks several times.

“Every year I parade [in the Oktoberfest] with the typical German costumes and in every parade there are problems, people who offend me. They have already thrown a glass of chopp on my head “, reported the lawyer in an interview with UOL.

At first, Marco said that he would not publicize the case, but later decided to publicize the poster in his social networks. “It is an opportunity to bring this subject to the surface and to add more and more people to the discussion,” he said in an interview with CartaCapital.

Marco also believes it is important to conduct an incident report, even though he does not believe that someone will actually be punished. “I even have some hope of penalization, but it’s much more for a criminal record and monitoring than to identify the perpetrator himself.”


“There is discurso de ódio no Brasil (hate speech in Brazil) and in the world today, a discourse that applies to both the extreme left and the extreme right. One of my friends wrote that the Pandora’s Box was opened and I think that’s it,” says the lawyer.

The grandson of a slave, Marco says that at the time of his father’s birth his grandmother had not yet attained manumission. Despite the strong ancestrality, it was only when he moved to Blumenau that he learned about the African-origin religions.

Source: Pragmatismo PolíticoRevista Fórum


  1. As we have seen over the years, as well as in a recent string of attacks against leaders of Afro-Brazilian religions, Brazil continues to try to extinguish elements of African identity and culture through a number of means.
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  1. Wow, I really wish this stuff would phase out but unfortunately it will not so we must keep fighting on as long as it takes.

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