Afro-Brazilian Fashion is featured in a debate and runway at the University of Brasília (UnB)

Afro Brazilian women

Does Afro-Brazilian fashion exist? This question will be answered in the debate Moda afrourbebrasileira do século XXI. Tradições e apropriações. Causa e efeito (Afrourbebrasileira Fashion of the 21st century. Traditions and appropriations. Cause and effect) that will be held on Saturday, October 27th at 10 am at the University of Brasília, in the nation’s capital city.

The event is part of the programming FLAAC 2012.

Event mediator Renata Felinto* will moderate the guests in the discussion of such topics as: Can we say that there is today in Brazil an Afro-Brazilian Fashion? Guests will include Jaergenton de Souza Correa (of Ateliê Hagadimae Despig), Tenka Dara (of Baobá Brasil), Bruna Battys, Júlia Vidal (of Balaco) and José Nabor (of Omenelick Afro-Brasilidades magazine) will address the relationships that underlie the link between the cultures, traditions, appropriations and interrelationships between cultures.

The Africa Remix goes from 2:30 to 5:30pm, with runway creations of Jaergenton de Souza Correa, Tenka Dara, Bruna Battys and Júlia Vidal, who will present versatile looks for various situations of everyday life.

Renata Felinto, Bruna Battys and Tenka Dara

Programming is a realization of FLAAC (Festival Latino-Americano e Africano de Arte e Cultura – Latin American and African Art and Culture Festival), an idealization of Feira Preta’s (Black Expo of Brazil) Adriana Barbosa and executive producer Griô. The debate and runway parades have free admission and no parental rating.

* – Renata was one of the feature models in the Afro-Brazilian Beauty exhibit  featured here at BW of Brazil back in August.

Source: AchaBrasília

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