Actress Tichina Arnold, whose Rochelle character on “Everybody Hates Chris” is very popular in Brazil, comes to Salvador, Bahia to participate in Carnaval and meet her fans

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On Tuesday, February 12th, the American actress Tichina Arnold was scheduled to arrive in Salvador, Bahia, to follow Carnaval celebrations. Arnold, that is most known in Brazil for her role of Rochelle in the TV series Everybody Hates Chris (Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris in Brazil) on the TV Record television station, should participate in the Bahian Carnaval as a guest of the blocos Muzenza and Olodum, where she should make a brief participation during the parade of the traditional groups of African matrix.

(see video below of Tichina with her press agent Mable Ivory)

The actress, who is also a singer, intends to divulge more of her work in Brazil, where she has an impressive number of fans. According to information of her assistant, half of the actress’s Twitter followers are from Brazil her arrival would be a way of returning the affection of her Brazilian fans.

The series Everybody Hates Chris was inspired by the life of actor Chris Rock and is one of the programs on Brazilian television with a majority black cast, being one of the most popular programs among children and teens. Even the blocos Muzenza and Olodum are groups that redeem black identity during Carnaval by means of music and thematic clothing. Olodum, especially, became known worldwide for playing with Paul Simon and Michael Jackson in the 1990s.

Besides participating in the parades of some blocos afros, the actress intends to visit communities and meet fans. This week, the city of Salvador received another African-American celebrity, filmmaker Spike Lee, that recorded with Olodum, the most well-known bloco afro in the world, for his documentary Go, Brazil,Go!

“The coming of Tichina Arnold to Brazil marks a growing interest of African American artists for Brazil. After all, the country has the second largest black population in the world”, comments Mable Ivory, one of the producers responsible for the actress’s agenda in Brazil. The website Correio Nago followed first-hand the actress’s visit to Brazil.

Check out the video in which Tichina talks about her visit to Salvador.


 Source: Correio Nagô

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  1. I wished I could have made it this year to carnaval. I know its going to be awsome and I am sure you are going to do a great job covering it with all the american influences there. I can't wait to read your post about it. Evn though I don't comment on everything that you post I am so grateful of the updates you share and your views are very insightful to me.Obrigado eu estou feliz que eu encontrei seu blog!

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