Actress Taís Araújo shines on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival; catches attention of actress Uma Thurman

Actress Taís Araújo shines on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France
Actress Taís Araújo shines on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France

Note from BW of Brazil: Actress Taís Araújo may not be very well known in the English speaking world, but she is one of the most featured black Brazilian women here at the BW of Brazil blog. One of the most accomplished and successful black actresses in the history of Brazilian television, Taís recently turned heads on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Rocking a short hairstyle (that was the buzz of Brazilian websites a few months back when she cut her long locks) and backless white dress, Taís caught the eye of paparazzi as well as a well-known American actress. Check the report below. 


Taís Araújo shines in Cannes Film Festival: “It took me two hours to get myself together.”

Actress went to the screening of the film The Immigrant last Friday, May 24th

By EGO in Rio

Taís Araújo got her shine on on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, May 24. The actress went the premiere of the film The Immigrant, which also counted the top Brazilian models Izabel Goulart and Isabeli Fontana, among other celebrities.


Before crossing the red carpet, Taís spoke in a chat sponsored by a cosmetics brand, about how she prepared for an event of this magnitude. “For such an event, it takes me a lot to get myself together. It took me about two hours. Nowadays it takes me less than when I had long hair. Usually an hour for hair and makeup,” said the actress. “At home it’s quick. I still have my curls, so there’s no way to leave home without leave-in conditioner. I washed it, have to put in some leave-in, if I don’t I can’t even greet people on the street,” joked Taís, who, like all women, also says she has bad hair days.


“With short hair, bad hair day is a type of death, because there’s not much to do. With short hair, you have to put it underwater, put in some leave-in or in the latter case, a bandana,” she said. “I was tired of my face with long hair. A major difficulty is letting it grow, because it’s delightful to have short hair. You wash your hair and you’re ready in five minutes,” said Taís, on her current look (short hair).


Taís’ radiant beauty also drew the attention of international star Uma Thurman, of Kill Bill fame. Captivated with Taís’ style, the actress quipped, “Who is this beauty in white?”

Source: Ego, Pure People

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