Actress/singer Thalma de Freitas takes sensual photos for magazine

Although the photo session is not one of those that shows everything, it’s not lacking in sensuality department. Actress and singer Thalma de Freitas did some nude photos for the TRIP magazine this month and revealed some her desires. “I want to be hot!”, is one of them.

Previously featured here after being racially profiled by police in Rio de Janeiro, Freitas also revealed a little about the beginnings of her sexual experiences: “As a teenager, my sex life was already very active. But I only lost my virginity at 15 years old, on May 8, 1991, to be exact”, she says.

On her dream since adolescence to do a sensual photo essay the actress says that she had a lot of vanity.”But to show my body also represented a woman’s liberal attitude, independent. Unashamedly beautiful to present yourself as hot,” she says.

“Being a Trip Girl at 38 is the gift that I give myself on behalf of the old days when I dreamed of being widely desired, naked on a magazine cover, total fetish. And obviously the fact that, 20 years after admiring the glamorous beauty of La Torloni, little me is still in shape. Fine, wild, tight, hot,” said the beauty to the publication.

Source: Revista Trip
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