Actress Sheron Menezes the latest prominent black woman to be attacked with racist insults in social networks

Actress Sheron Menezes is the latest famous black woman to be attacked with racist insults on social networks.

Note from BW of Brazil: So it seems that it is open season on black women who prominent in the Brazilian media. Cowardly attacks through social networks are about as normal as the thousands of memes that circulate through them. The actress Sheron Menezes is the latest in a list of prominent black women that include journalist Maria Júlia Coutinho, and actresses  Taís Araújo and Cris Vianna. Nothing more to really report here except for a reminder to you: “Brazilians aren’t racists!” Well, at least 98.7% aren’t!

Actress Sheron Menezzes suffers racist attacks on social networks

The artist said she will take legal action to identify fake profiles. The actress is enjoying the holidays traveling in Europe

Actress is on vacation with her fiancée in Europe

The Globo TV actress Sheron Menezes denounced in the early hours of Monday (12/7) through social networks, that she suffered racist attacks on her official Facebook page. The artist said she will take legal action to identify fake profiles. In a picture with her fiancée, Saulo Bernard, posted on Friday (12/4) a user made a montage of the actress with a monkey face and the caption “Qualquer semelhança é mera coincidência” (any similarity is purely coincidental)

Image of actress was merged with that of a monkey with the caption “Any similarity is mere coincidence”

Five minutes before posting the montage, the same user commented, “It’s well that they said a monkey is like human, they even know how to take a selfie”.

Sheron used Instagram to denounce the attacks. “Despicable racist, it’s no use coming onto my page and writing nonsense, swearing and aggressions, as they will have to swallow it for me and so many other black people in our country,” she wrote.

The actress responded to the attacks on her social media profile

The artist stated that she “already expected” racist comments following the recent cyberattacks against other black women, as Taís Araújo  and Cris Vianna, besides journalist Maria Júlia Coutinho, known as  Maju.

“No use putting a monkey mask on my face or trying to offend me because it doesn’t affect me! I was trained from childhood, and I know my value! But it affects millions of people in Brazil who suffer such discrimination every day! And it’s for them that I decided to express myself,” Sheron wrote.

See translations in note 1

The actress said she will appeal to the Federal Police to identify the fake users. “Racism and intolerance have killed and continue to kill thousands of people, and those who practice this crime should go to your place, jail.” The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro investigated 30 fake Facebook profiles to try to identify the perpetrators of offenses against Taís that took place on October 31st.

Whoever is identified will be charged with injúria racial (racial insults). Punishment can reach up to four years in prison for having been the internet the means of spreading the offense. If a link between offenders is proven, it can be characterized also as a crime of conspiracy, and punishment of up to eight years in prison. In another image of the actress with her fiancée, users commented: “You went to another country just to buy that black, how much did she as cost.” “I want a black woman also how much is she?”, published another. “Do you have authorization of IBAMA to walk with that gorilla in the street?”

Source: Correio Braziliense


  1. Some of the derogatory comments included: “The place of the black is the collection of cotton, not traveling to Europe”, “Do you have authorization from IBAMA (2) to walk with this gorilla on the street?” “If it’s blacked out you would only the smile”, “How much does it cost for a black to ride on a ship?” “Mixing with the Nescau (chocolate milk)” “I don’t even need to go to the zoo, I can see these photos with gorillas”, “Pretty, a shame that they don’t sell more”, “I didn’t buy a colored monitor to see it in black and white”, “I want a black woman too, how much does she cost?”, “Mechanical soap”, “A good slave”, “She makes good food”
  2. Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources
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  1. First I would to apologize for saying you not post negative articles on Brazil. It looks like Brazil is indeed a racist country. By the looks of it it does not look like it’s going to change. I don’t understand why whites continue to refer people of African descent as monkey when slave master slept whith slave. Majority of blacks North and South America have European blood in them. I guess that would make whites monkey lovers because they slept with slaves.Sheron looks like she is something special. I wish she would come to America. I think she would be a star here. I can’t wait to visit your country. Again i want to appologize. Let’s pray for these racist looosers.

  2. Look at that body and face, I can see why some lowlife would get

    These attacks are aimed at an attempt to rob the target of their greatness, the abuser in all likelihood cannot compare in any way; not beauty, grace, wealth, status..etc so they use their wildcard, their whiteness, in an attempt to one-up black perfection. In essence, they are saying you may be beautiful, rich, accomplished, but you are still not white so you are not our equal. If the enemy tells you a lie long enough you will eventually believe them, so recognize the game plan and know what is going on. Stand in your greatness and shine even brighter because it is only by shining brighter will your light blind the dirty bitches. These racist mofos must think it is 1815 and these stupid tactics can work today. Lol, I don’t even get offended because I know the game and recognize this move immediately. I really pity these fools. Sheron, amp up your shit girl, make their heads blow off with your hot, sexy self and more accomplishments.

  3. I understand her frustration, but writing a long post to comment about the attacks is really not the way to deal this. She’s adding fuel to the fire, as these losers are attention whores. Better is to keep silence and denounce the attacks to the police and manifest only when and if someone is caught. Also, I suspect many of these attackers fall short of being white even in the Brazilian sense. It would be better to launch a simultaneous operation of arrests once several people can be put in jail. Arresting a single 30 year old wanker living with his mama won’t do any good also.

  4. A monkey?? That’s the best they got??lol These low life racists are damn joke! Who cares what some low life maggot thinks. Sharon is absolutely stunning! And the racist prick could never get a woman this beautiful and he knows it!lol Keep doing your thing Sharon! Black women are still the sexist women on earth!! 🙂

  5. I’m from the United States.

    We are learning that many (not all, of course) of the most virulent racists against African-descended women are…black.

    And the problem is envy.

    Usually, the attackers are black women, particularly those who have very dark skin and African features.

    They say some of the most horrible things!

    Identifying the racists would help society address the problem. There’s a different solution if the racists are white than if they are black.

    I hope there is a follow-up so we can get to the source of the problem.

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