Actress Sheron Menezes: “I like sex, period. Now I want to give pleasure and take pleasure”

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After two consecutive years of being Queen in Sapucaí (1) in front of the Portela Samba school drum troupe, actress Sheron Menezes will not march on the avenue with her Brazilian “black power (afro hairstyle)” in 2013.

Sheron as Portela’s Queen in Carnaval 

Rumors speculated that a disagreement with the president of the club, Nile Figueiredo, and her subsequent departure from the school started in the parade itself of the eagle blue and white last year (colors/symbol of Portela). And it would become official months later in July, when she used her Twitter account to announce she would step down. Or better, they had taken from her the crown. The episode with the Portela was not the first in which she was publicly overthrown.


When she participated in the program of Dança dos Famosos (Dance of the Famous) (2) – where she lost to Fernanda Souza – some spectators came to see her with unsympathetically.

On Dança dos Famosos

“I had just played this girl and I think people are very accustomed to confusing the artist with the character. And there they saw me as I am: that person that is emphatic, speaks directly, (says) what she thinks. But I learned over time and maturity that there are situations that I can be how I am, in others I have to be more delicate. Some people are not prepared to hear what I have to say.”

Impressive derrière 


Sheron doesn’t live for her body, but takes care of it (very) well. Her impressive derrière and the other attributes that people say: sculpted with workout sessions of pilates, kickboxing classes, jogging, dance and leisure with slackline and skates. The result of this marathon is here. During the session in a studio in Rio de Janeiro, Sheron showed that the arrival of (age) 30 only has only done her well, thank you. In bra and panties, she made faces to the sound of her playlist full of indie-rock. And when, with no problem, she finally got naked, wearing only a codpiece, displaying a stunning body, that of a mulata, you believe, (she is) genuinely gaúcha (3).


At 30, anything goes? Graceful, sexy and agile, Sheron appears to be a no-frills woman between four walls. Anything goes? Partly. “Since there is mutual agreement, it’s worth what the couple wants to do.” The passing of the years and the experience of two has also helped on this issue. “Today it’s tastier. When you’re young you worry too much about what others will think. Now – this year I turn 30 – I’m preoccupied with giving pleasure and having pleasure. It has to be good for both.”


Even saying that sex, besides being “very important”, is not the number one condition of the relationship, she recognizes liking practice. “After an exhausting day of work there is nothing better. It relaxes all nervous tensions. For me there is no (certain) time, whether it’s in the light or in the dark. I like sex period.”

1. The Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí, or simply Sambadrome, is a purpose-built parade area in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where samba schools parade competitively each year during the Rio Carnival

2. Dança dos Famosos is dance competition for couples on the Globo TV Sunday variety show Domingão do Faustão. She show usually consists of a celebrity and a dancer and is more or less reminiscent of the American program Dancing With the Stars.

3. Gaúcha(feminine) or gaúcho (masculine) is the nickname for a Brazilian person from the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. Ronaldinho Gaúcho, for example, once the top soccer player in the world is from Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: GQ

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