Actress Lucy Ramos talks about marriage and children: ‘I want to soon have twins’



Note from BW of Brazil: Although actress Lucy Ramos has been around for a number of years perfecting her craft, her star is really starting to take off now with role in Globo TV novela I Love Paraisópolis. Her name and image has been featured previously here on the blog, but it was only back in April when she made a stand by turning down a stereotypical role in another series that she was featured individually here. As we’ve shown in past posts, the Brazilian media will typecast and stereotype Afro-Brazilian actors and actresses if they are allowed to, thus Lucy is to be commended for her political stance. Below, she reveals a little more about herself. 

Lucy Ramos talks about marriage and children: ‘I wanted to soon have twins’

Lucy, second from left, with cast of 'I Love Paraisópolis'
Lucy, second from left, with cast of ‘I Love Paraisópolis’

Courtesy of Mulher Negra e Cia.

At 32, the I Love Paraisópolis (novela/soap opera) actress speaks of her nine-year relationship with actor Thiago Luciano and motherhood plans, ‘It’ll happen when it happens.’


Lucy Ramos has a lot to celebrate for her role in the I Love Paraisópolis novela (soap opera) at 7 o’clock on Globo TV in which he plays the psychologist Patrícia. Despite having participated in eight novelas, the 32-year old actress says it’s the first time that she’s had the chance to give life to a character who escapes from stereotypes. “I say that this role was a gift I received from the authors. Of the characters I played in the other novelas, the biggest difference between them and Patrícia is class. Although different, they were all in the same field, more or less: domestic, cook, uneducated, spoke badly… Patrícia is on another level. She studied, speaks English, is very cultured and escapes this stereotype,” she explains.


No wonder, the character herself addresses issues involving racism. “Just the fact that being born black already puts you in a stereotype because you end up getting characters targeted for blacks. In general, in the synopsis of the characters, it’s always written ‘we need a negra, mulata, etc.’ in the description, because otherwise, at the time of choosing the actor, they won’t think of a black person, this is fact. This has been changing over time, I think that it’s a little of the culture too,” she says.


And as the character herself, Lucy says she always knew how to face this kind of prejudice. “For me, this was never an issue. In this regard, I am very much equal to Patrícia. I always thought, ‘I’m black, but I’m so happy the way that I am’, you know? People have to learn to look at the other for what they are, by the soul, by the work that they contribute to the good, not by skin color. We are all human beings,” she says.

On marriage: ‘Our biggest secret is conversation’

Lucy with actor and husbandThiago Luciano
Lucy with actor and husband Thiago Luciano

In a world in which nine out of ten famous marry and divorce like one changes clothes, the actress surprises with the stable relationship she has with her husband, actor Thiago Luciano, 35, with whom she has been married for nearly nine years.

mundonovelas_Lucy Ramos estará na novela I Love Paraisópolis

“We completed nine years in December and we are great. Our biggest secret is conversation. We talk about everything, don’t hold back anything. If there’s one thing that bothers you at the minimum, you have to sit down and talk at that moment. You can’t keep holding it in and accumulating,” she explains.


With so much time of marriage, the issue of children always comes up. According to her, however, the two have no hurry. “Before, I had very this thing of planning for the future, but it never worked very well, so now I try to live in the present. We’ve already thought several times [of having children], but I came to the conclusion that it will happen, when it happens. Really because age is no longer a limit, right? I think my only wish would be to have twins soon. If not, I would have only one. I don’t know if I would get pregnant twice.”

On taking care of her hair: ‘I have to separate at least 45 minutes’

From the top of her 1.70 m (5’8”) in height – that seems even taller due to the lanky body of the actress – draws attention not only for its good shape, but also Lucy’s big, curly hair. To keep her curls impeccable, she says that the routine is not the easiest.


“My hair is my identity. I’ve done everything: relaxing, afro permanente, I put henna [a kind of hair straightening] in it, I’ve tried various processes. Cabelo cacheado e crespo (curly and kinky/curly hair) you have to know very well, each one is different. Straight hair is all the same, crespo, no,” she says.

“In my daily life, I wash it two to three times a week because it really is a lot of work. I have to set aside at least 45 minutes – at least! – Just to take care of it. In the bath, I apply shampoo and I’m already untangling it with my fingers. When it comes time to put in the conditioner, I take the opportunity to comb the strands. After I get out of the bath, I remove the excess water from my hair and I’ll apply the cream layer by layer, almost like a hydration. When it’s time to dry it, I still use the diffuser,” she explains.

In spite of being naturally thin, she says she also takes some precautions to maintain her body during the day. “I’ve always been very thin. I came to weigh 48 kg (109 lbs) at the time I was a model. Today, I weigh 55 kg (121 lbs). I have a balanced diet, but don’t do anything radical, I just cut some specific things out, like white flour. White bread is something that I never eat, for example. In the case of pizza, I end up eating more of the toppings than the doe,” she says, laughing.

“I never cease exercising; I’m always in the gym. When I’m in Rio, I always try to run or walk on the boardwalk or sand three to four times a week. When I’m in São Paulo, it’s even more gym: fitness and aerobics, such as treadmill, biking or transport,” she says.

The food, she says, became more regulated after the arrival of her 30s. “When she was younger, I ate everything, right? After 30 it’s no use anymore, your metabolism slows down. I’m slim and my genetics is this, but if I started eating wrong, everything would go to my belly and cheeks.”

I Love Paraisópolis

At 32, the actress from I Love Paraisópolis says he wants to have children but hasn’t made plans: “Today, I try to live in the present. I think my only wish would be to just have twins”

At 1.70 m (5’8”) and 55 kg (121 lbs), Lucy says that despite the genetic favor, she maintains a balanced diet to help her stay in good shape, “If I start eating wrong, everything goes to my belly and cheeks”

Owner of an abundance of hair, she also detailed her care: “I wash it two to three times a week and I have to set aside at least 45 minutes for the whole process,” she explains.

Source: Mulher Negra e Cia

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  1. Lucy is one of my favorite actresses from Brazil. She is so talented and a stunning beauty. I think brothers in Brazil need to step their game up. I feel so bad she is married to a European man. What a waste! I can’t stand to see such beautiful sistas marrying our open enemy. I think too many black entertainers and athletes chase after white women when they get successful. White women can’t compare to the beauty of black women. There is NO contest. Lucy should’ve ended up with a successful black man and had children with him. Too many of these black men in Brazil are brainwashed to see white as prettier and as a status symbol. No different than the brainwashed fools here in America. It’s obvious that white supremacy is a global disease.

  2. Kushite

    Her husband is just part of the whiting process. This person choice of husband it’s just part of the self hate mental condition. The goal is to ………………………….exit that black/brown skin in any way possible.

    • I hope Lucy is not one of those self=hating types. But I do agree that many black people do marry/date white so their kids will be “less black” looking. That in my opinion…is truly self hatred. We really need to learn to love ourselves.

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