Actress Karin Hils stars in Brazilian version of ‘Sister Act’; flies to NY to Meet Whoopi Goldberg

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Note from BW of Brazil: I’m sure there are plenty of people who will be lined up to see this when it debuts tomorrow in São Paulo. And why wouldn’t they? The Brazilian edition of The Lion King (O Rei Leão) was a huge success after its debut almost exactly two years ago. As we’ve pointed out in a number of previous posts, American TV, film and theater have a huge fan base in Brazil. The ironic thing is that Brazilians have always looked at the United States as an example of a racist country, but interestingly, it is from the US that most of them will see a black family on television or black actors on a Brazilian stage in starring roles, as in the aforementioned Lion King. Granted, the question of diversity in television leaves much to be desired in the US, but in comparison, there is black representation in American media is ways that are simply not possible in Brazil. Now that Sister Act has arrived, I have to wonder, whatever happened to that Brazilian remake of another film Whoopi Goldberg made famous, The Color Purple? See a sneak preview video of this new edition of Sister Act below. 

Karin Hils, star of Brazilian production of Sister Act meets Whoopi Goldberg

Actress of 'Sister Act' in Brazil meets Whoopi Goldberg in New York
Actress of ‘Sister Act’ in Brazil meets Whoopi Goldberg in New York

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A 90s film became a musical that is being assembled in Brazil. Karin Hils went to New York to meet the actress who gave soul to the nun Delores.

Do you remember the movie Sister Act, that 90s classic in which Whoopi Goldberg disguises herself as a nun? As the film became a musical and the actress of the Brazilian version went to New York to meet the original.

Within 48 hours, Karin Hils actress left her routine of rehearsals in São Paulo, setting foot in New York for the time, she walked by Broadway theaters…

Actress Karin Hils visited New York to meet Whoopi Goldberg
Actress Karin Hils visited New York to meet Whoopi Goldberg

Fantástico: Did you dream of performing here?

Karin: Wow, not yet!

Fantástico: Who knows, right?

And got a tight hug …from Whoopi Goldberg, one of the greatest comedians of American cinema!

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Last year, Karin was one of the protagonists of the series Sexo e as Negas. Now, she’s preparing to play the character that made history in the 90s film Sister Act (entitled Mudança de Hábito in Brazil) on stage.

Who doesn’t remember Whoopi Goldberg as Delores – the singer who has to disguise herself as a nun in a convent after witnessing a murder?

“I remember every line of this film … I think I’ve watched it about twenty times,” says Karin.

Karin came to the United States to meet Whoopi, who co-produced the movie adaptation for the stage.

'Mudança de Habito' (Sister Act)
‘Mudança de Habito’ (Sister Act)

Fantástico: Could you ever imagine you would be face to face with Whoopi?

Karin: Not even in my wildest dreams, in my wildest dreams, I’m almost having a fit.

They pose for photographers. And sit down to talk about the character and super-production which has already been presented in 11 countries and now arrives in Brazil. Whoopi begins by saying that to interpret the Delores one has to have a sense of humor and use intuition. And not try to imitate her.

Goldberg and Hils sit together for an interview about the Brazilian musical adaption of the film 'Sister Act', released as 'Mudança de Hábito' in Brazil
Goldberg and Hils sit together for an interview about the Brazilian musical adaption of the film ‘Sister Act’, released as ‘Mudança de Hábito’ in Brazil

“I’m not running this risk, I think!” It’s a musical that is being presented in Brazil, translated into Portuguese. We’re trying to get it as close as possible for our population,” says Karin.

Karin Hils in a selfie with Whoopi Goldberg
Karin Hils in a selfie with Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi says, “I trust her!”

And that is what Karin needed to hear to give her a sample (Hils sings a few lines from the musical for Goldberg at this point of the interview)…

Whoopi approves, saying she is happy for Karin. And the fact that, being co-producer of the musical, she demanded that in all the places where the musical would play Delores would have to be a black actress.

On expectations for the debut of Sister Act in Brazil, she says she’s sure it will be an incredible night. She says that Karin is not an American trying to be Brazilian. She is a Brazilian woman!

Whoopi to Karin: I love your hair!

Karin: Ooh, thank you!

Whoopi calls her hairdresser and asks to take a photograph of Karin and says she will copy the hairstyle in her next production on American TV.

Karen already has the blessing of the master, Whoopi, to debut in Brazil

Musical Sister Act (Mudança de Hábito) comes to São Paulo with a Brazilian flavor

Karin Hils stars in 'Mudança de Hábito'
Karin Hils stars in ‘Mudança de Hábito’

By Caio Menezes

With the air of a super-production, a spectacular starring the former Rouge member debut this Thursday (5), with jokes and songs adapted for Portuguese.

Fans of Sister Act that are seeing the musical debut this Thursday (5), in São Paulo, will be pleasantly surprised with the Brazilian version of the Broadway show, which was fully adapted for Portuguese.

With Brazilian versions of the songs and jokes made famous in the movie starring Whoopi Goldberg, from 1992, the award-winning spectacular arrives for the first time to Latin America telling the story of Deloris, a young woman who takes refuge in a convent after witnessing a murder.

With the air of a super-production, the piece had an investment of about $30 million Brazilian reais. But the expense is justified by the grandeur of the production, which has impeccable wardrobe and faithful scenarios, right down to a huge holy image that turns into a disco ball.

Karin Hils in arin Hills stars in Sister Act (Mudança de Hábito)
Karin Hils in Sister Act (Mudança de Hábito)

In the Brazilian version of Sister Act, actress Karin Hills plays the protagonist Deloris, Whoopi Goldberg’s character in the original work, who made a point of meeting with the Brazilian.

“I do not remember very well what she said because I was very impressed, I couldn’t pay attention to anything,” said the former Rouge lead singer at a press conference. “I never thought this would happen.”

Source: G1, iG

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