Actress Dandara Mariana reveals a bit about her career plans and what she looks for in a man


Note from BW of Brazil: In general, BW of Brazil is a blog that often touches upon issues that  the Brazilian population in general doesn’t like to discuss. Things like racism, racial inequality (in numerous areas of society), white supremacy, racial identity and more. But sometimes it’s cool just to post something less serious. After all, we also like to create a space where it is normal to see beautiful black Brazilian women gracing our pages; something that is rare in Brazil’s mainstream media. Today, we present to you actress Dandara Mariana whose face many people will recognize on the long-running Globo TV teen soap opera Malhação. The interview below is actually from July of 2012 so some things about her have probably changed in the past few years. Sem problemas! See more of her here.  

Dandara Mariana as Tamtam in a scene from the series 'Malhação'
Dandara Mariana as Tamtam in a scene from the series ‘Malhação’

Dandara Mariana, Tamtam on Malhação, reveals: “A man needs to have attitude, be intelligent and affectionate.”

Dandara Mariana, who plays the role of TamTam on Globo teen novela Malhação was born with art in her veins.

By Aline Nobre

Dandara's father Romeu Evaristo in 'Zorra Total' and at one one Dandara's theater performances
Dandara’s father Romeu Evaristo in ‘Zorra Total’ and at one one Dandara’s theater performances

The actress, 24, is the daughter of Romeo Evaristo, who plays Angolano on the  comedy sketch program Zorra Total.

Photo by Igor Rodriguez
Photo by Igor Rodriguez

If in the sketch comedy, the character suffers in trying to win over a mulata dificil (difficult mulata), at home the reality is completely different: he has a mulata with an easy smile and a good mood. The actress says she’s not bothered by harassment in the streets and even likes to be approached: “I love it. Most fans treat me with respect. Every now and then appears one that does a cuter song.”

Photo by Igor Rodriguez
Photo by Igor Rodriguez

To keep her body in shape, 110lbs. (50 kilos) spread out over a 5’2″ (1.57m) frame, Dandara endeavors: “I do pilates three times a week, run and ride my bike.” And even with this sculptural typical body of the Brazilian woman, with every little thing in place, the beauty doesn’t consider herself a hot woman. “What I like most about myself is my smile and eyebrows.”

Photo by Igor Rodriguez
Photo by Igor Rodriguez

In the teen novela (soap opera), the morena is in a romance with Dieguinho, played by actor Pedro Bernardo. But in real life, she is single and for the guys on duty and ready to win the heart of the actress, she gives a few tips: “To win me over a man has to be humorous, have a cool attitude, have attitude, be smart and affectionate.”

Photo by Igor Rodriguez
Photo by Igor Rodriguez

Dandara’s routine is intense. Between recordings in Projac, she attends classes of Artes Cênicas (College of Performing Arts), during the night and the theater. “I’m still reading a piece I intend to mount, called ‘Raça” (Race), we want to take to the cultural canvas of the city,” she says.

Photo by Igor Rodriguez
Photo by Igor Rodriguez

With the coming end of Malhação, the cutie already thinks of the future: “I would like very much to continue on TV and I have my plans of performing in the theater.”

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