Actress Cris Vianna featured on the cover of Status magazine

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Cris Vianna poses for photos and reveals that she was once a babysitter and model

Cris Vianna, who recorded several nude scenes in her role as a pie seller Dagmar in the Fina Estampa has just posed for her first sensual photo essay. The photos will be in the next edition of Status magazine that is commemorating one year.

“When it is a job that has art as a reference, of delicacy and good taste, I’m not scared of me throwing myself into it”, the actress said in an interview for the publication.

Scheduled to become part of the cast of the novela Salve Jorge, a novela by Gloria Perez for 9pm time slot on the Globo network, Cris also discussed her famous nude bathing scenes in Fina Estampa.

“The scenes in themselves didn’t make me nervous. I was afraid of the water. I requested that the water be warm, because I hate the cold water.”

After completing the recording of Fina Estampa, the actress only had time to take 15 days for a vacation, in which he traveled to Portugal and England.

Being an ophan of her father since she was 13, Chris worked as a nanny before beginning a modeling career. She worked in Italy, Australia and Canada, but said he never had doubts about her dream of becoming an actress.

“That was to pay the bills”, said Cris, who did theater for five years and in 2004 joined the actors’ workshop of the Globo Network.

In the interview, she also revealed that she once sang in a gospel choir and a black music band.

See Cris in the infamous bathing scene from the novela, Fina Estampa

Source: O Globo

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