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Cris Vianna is an actress who was a nanny and a model before appearing in her first novela (soap opera), the series América in 2005 in which she portrayed a dancer. Since then, Vianna has worked non-stop appearing in at least one novela a year from 2005 until now, including roles in 2006’s O Profeta, 2007’s Duas Caras, 2010’s Tempos Modernos and her current role as Dagmar in Fina Estampa, which began airing in 2011. Vianna has also appeared in two films and sang for three years  in a São Paulo vocal group known as Black Voices.


Vianna, like her character in Fina Estampa, is quick-tempered but moderate, she speaks her mind but is careful with her language. She is not the type to love a man who loves someone else and though she has yet to have children, has a passion for motherhood. Born and raised in the city of São Paulo, Vianna lost her father when she was a teenager. According to the pretty negra (she doesn’t accept being called a morena*), most of her family consists of women who raised children alone. It is this background that she draws upon as inspiration in portraying Dagmar, a mother of two children in Fina Estampa. Comparing the character to herself, Vianna says:

“Dagmar is more explosive. I have a strong personality but I know how to balance things. I don’t waste energy on anything. She has a posture of decision similar to mine, like that of not fighting for someone who is not in love with me.”


Being single for one year, Vianna is very discreet about her personal life and doesn’t like to exalt her beauty although the Brazilian magazine, Alfa, declared her the most beautiful woman in the world in September of 2011.

“I don’t like to praise myself. I prefer that others do this. I’ve already received much criticism and I seek to always keep my feet on the ground”, she said also in reference to her opinion about posing nude. “I am not in this world to do this! I am here to be a great actress and I know that I still have to study a lot for that.”

* – For a more detailed explanation of term morena, see here

Source: Black Women of Brazil
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