Actress Adriana Alves celebrates professional and personal success in New York

Actress Adriana Alves
Actress Adriana Alves

Note from BW of BrazilActress Adriana Alves began her professional career on the Record TV network program Turma do Gueto, a series featuring a primarily black cast that portrayed the experiences of the “poor population” with hunger, violence and drug trafficking (1). While the drama was laden with tried and true television stereotypes of Brazil’s black population, Alves used the role of Pâmela as a stepping stone on her career path. Alves has also appeared in films, is a former “queen of the drumbeat” for the Unidos de Vila Maria Samba School and the “madrinha” (godmother) of the drumbeat for the Pérola Negra Samba School. The dearth of black faces on Brazil’s big and small screens, it’s great to know that Adriana is doing well in her career. The actress recently took a well-deserved break and traveled to New York City for the first time.

Adriana Alves with her TV family on the program Carrossel: the young actor Jean Paulo Campos and Marcelo Batista
Adriana Alves with her TV family on the program Carrossel: the young actor Jean Paulo Campos and Marcelo Batista

Adriana Alves celebrates her career and personal success

On a break from TV after the end of the Carrossel TV series on the SBT network, Adriana Alves wants to return to theater and if she could work with children again, even better: “It’s gratifying to work with pure and intelligent persons,” she says.

Adriana Alves celebrates professional and personal success in NY
Adriana Alves celebrates professional and personal success in NY

The owner of a striking beauty and personality, Adriana Alves, 37, makes is rooted in a philosophy of life. The São Paulo native, who started her career as a model and, for 15 years, dedicated herself to the art of interpretation, credits part of her success to the foundation called family. “I have a simple and humble origin, a solid family who always believed in me. These are the great values ​​of life, family, love and roots,” she testified during her stay at Castelo de Caras, in NY, a tour that marked her first trip to the Big Apple. “I’ve always been a girl with her feet on the ground, but unfortunately, in this career, there are people who play against you. The secret is to disregard the negative comments,” advises the actress, on vacation from the small screen after the completion of the novela Carrossel, on SBT, and preparing to perform in Helena, a film based on the work of the writer Machado de Assis (1839-1908), still with no release date.

Passionate about her art, the dedicated Adriana also has the unconditional support of her beloved husband, chef, restaurant entrepreneur and host of Diário do Olivier, on the GNT network, the Frenchman settled in São Paulo, Olivier Anquier (54), with whom she has lived for six years and been married to for three. “We help each other in every way, whether in professional or routine matters,” she says.

Caras: Do you regret ‘debuting’ in New York without Olivier?

Adriana Alves: He would have come, but had scheduled recordings. You can’t do everything together. After all, he and I both have our professional commitments. We are well resolved and, before we met, our careers had existed. So it’s important to respect and support each other. First of all, we are a couple.

What about the Big Apple?

This is a rich city, full of curiosities and cultures that coexist with each other. When traveling, like any tourist, I like to see the great attractions, but always end up escaping a little from the route to seek places where I can acclimate myself to the local culture and traditions. Experiences like this so also add to the career of an actress.

2014-01-04 17.07.24

You say you have your feet on the ground. Do not allow yourself to dream?

I allow myself, yes, but I believe everything is possible within a reality. I, for example, dream about the Oscars, but I can’t forget my origins, abandoning my essence.

Alves with husban Olivier Anquier
Alves with husban Olivier Anquier

What are your plans for 2014?

I want to go back to the theater. Theatre is something magical, the place of ‘birth’ of the actor, the base. It is impossible not to love it and want to be involved. I want to devise a play or musical, preferably a children’s musical. But finding a good script is not easy. So it’s a dream with no rush.


And the preference for kids?

I confess that the children of Carrossel touched my heart. They are active and help us to evolve. It’s rewarding to work with pure and intelligent persons.

Do children bring out your maternal instinct?

I want to be a mother, yes, but the marriage is good as it is. I’m in no hurry.

Source: Caras


1. Cited from a September 15, 2002, article entitled “Trama diferente” in Folha de S. Paulo.

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