Actors surprised when director orders loincloth and no panties for sex scene – New series ‘Sexo e as negas’ continues to stir debate

Scene from the new Globo TV series "Sexo e as negas"
Scene from the new Globo TV series “Sexo e as negas”

Note from BW of Brazil: We have been following the debate over the new Globo TV series Sexo e as negas since it was first announced back in May. As the series went into production and the first trailers of the series were released, the fears of many black women activists were confirmed: the series is loaded with sexual content and long held stereotypes. Due to the centuries long association of black women (and men) with hyper-sexuality, just the title alone provoked red flags of what was to come. Is Globo TV simply using the association of black women with sexuality to perhaps push the envelope of what can be done on free access television? Of course, anyone familiar with Brazilian TV’s depictions of sexuality over the years may not be surprised with the sexual content of the series. But are the show’s producers deliberately exploiting the association of blackness with sexuality? Although the actors didn’t touch upon this issue, they were clearly surprised with how far the producers would go in depicting hot sex scenes. 

Karin Hils reveals how the sex scene filmed with Rafael Zulu in Sexo e as negas went

Karin defends the character, but says that they’re working around the censorship on TV Globo. Rafael Zulu says it was the first time he did a naked sex scene.

By Paulo Sérgio

Karin Hils, of "Sexo and the Negas"
Karin Hils, of “Sexo and as Negas”

The new Miguel Falabella series which premiered last Tuesday (16) has already provoked thousands of polemics. Some people are making representations against Globo TV because of the name of the show, without even knowing what it is for sure going what they were dealing with and how the author would approach the issues surrounding the four protagonists. Miguel has come to the public and commented on the whole controversy.

Sexo e as negas is a “tribute” to the American series Sex and the City. As he has said to our website, even the statements of the characters will also show the setting in a Rio suburb in the Cordovil version. Of course sensual scenes will go down. “I think that Sexo e as Nêga as well as Sex and the City came to give a kick to that sexist perspective that people have to find that woman when they get together only talk about clothing, hair, sandals. No! We talk about men…even if you had sex today, how it was. It’s all very open. Of course we have censorship, right? And censorship is happening… [laughs]. But we’re trying to do what we can. It has a lot of sexy scenes,” reveals the actress and protagonist of the series, Karin Hils.

She plays Zulma, the housekeeper of famous actress Leonor Lefty (Bia Nunes). “Zulma is a housekeeper, very unusual. By the contact that I had with housekeepers I had in the theater and on television, they are all discrete and organized. Not that Zulma is not organized, but I think discretion is one thing that is not part of the personality and is not on her agenda. She is the housekeeper of Leonor Lefty who is played by Bia Nunes. I think this relationship has a lot in common because they are quite friends and confidants, you know? There will be several stories and love and relationships that one keeps confiding in the other,” she explains. In a quick definition of the protagonists, Karin is direct: “They are normal. This series is very naturalistic and deals with everyday issues, normal women who are feisty, that have normal, loving conflicts with family.”

For actress and singer Karin Hils, there are many challenges. Like the first sex scene that she did in her career. “I did my first sex scene on television. I was lucky enough to get an amazing partner that was Rafael Zulu. I remember this quite well … there was a very nice chemistry in the make-out scenes in theater. Then the director said: ‘Now go and take your clothes off!’. And we (were like): ‘what? But Cininha (de Paula, director), not even panties?’ And she said ‘no!’ We were walking in the hallway in silence. And he said he didn’t think it was like this. He asked me if I was okay. But then it happened beautifully. And you will see. I think it was one of the best scenes I’ve ever done in my life,” she reported in a conversation at the scenographic city of Cordovil, mounted inside the Projac studio, in Rio de Janeiro.

Rafael Zulu of "Sexo e as negas"
Rafael Zulu of “Sexo e as negas”

“Actually, on TV I had ever done (this) before, but everything was extra protected with a codpiece and such. The director and the author want the more veracity, the better. The scene called for greater partnership and complicity to look real. The scene was beautiful. Cininha protected us a lot as a person. She cares a lot about the cosmetics of the scene. I confess that it was one of those scenes for the viewer to be doing somersaults on the couch,” said actor Rafael Zulu.

Believing in the success of the first season, Karin says she is excited and looks forward to continuing as early as next year. “Look, I’m here in Sexo e as Nêga and I’m hoping to have a second season. I’m not stupid or anything, right? [laughs],” she said. “It’s impossible not to have fun with a team like this; the super-talented girls. I’m acting, singing and dancing. It is impossible not to be enjoying it,” she concludes.

Source: Paulo Sérgio

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  1. I still must say that I support the show because i do not see the women as being just some b*tches that love good sex! I still feel that these women OWN their sexuality and they are not being treated as prostitutes.

    I also feel that the show is attempting to push limits by showing these bright women live their lives to the fullest, and sex just happens to be a great part of it. I would take exception if it were, say, maids who had to screw the owner of a house rather than accept money. But it is NOT that! I think it is ok to be sexy AND Brazilian AND Black. I feel that the creator of the show is trying to tell a story that we have not seen here – that Black women have full and vibrant lives that they enjoy to the fullest. They have pain and challenges at times, but they also find their light in the end!

    I am not offended by women, whatever the color, owning their sexuality while embracing life and looking FABULOUS. The women are intelligent and the show clearly seeks to push boundaries and keep everyone talking. Clearly, it is working!

    • The show clearly demeans black women. Black women have always been negatively portrayed by the white racist media in Brazil! This show needs to be cancelled immediately!

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