Actor Bruno Gagliasso files a complaint for racist offenses against his daughter; two-year adopted from South Africa was the target of insults on the internet

giovanna ewbank e bruno gagliasso adotaram garotinha africana linda de fofa
giovanna ewbank e bruno gagliasso adotaram garotinha africana linda de fofa
Actors Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso have been together since 2010 and recently adopted the two year old from South Africa

Note from BW of Brazil: So what else is new? Another case of “we Brazilians aren’t racists” in which the internet was used to spread racist sentiments against the African phenotype. There’s really not much to say here except that, once again, regardless of how much mixing of the races goes on in Brazil, people have a clear idea of how they believe things should be. My only other question here would, why this pair of actors chose to adopt from Africa when there are plenty of abandoned black children in Brazil to be adopted that often get passed over for white children. Just a question…

Actor Bruno Gagliasso files a complaint for racist offenses against his daughter

Titi, 2, has suffered biased comments on the internet. At least two suspects have already been identified by the Civil Police

By Luiza Sansão, with additional information courtesy of Diário de Pernambuco

Titi was born in Malawi, South Africa, and was adopted by the couple in July of this year

Actor Bruno Gagliasso filed a complaint on Wednesday at the Delegacia de Repressão a Crimes de Informática (DRCI or Office of Repression of Computer Crime) for racist offenses against his 2-year-old daughter, Titi. The girl was the victim of prejudiced comments on Facebook. “She still does not understand any of this, but later she’ll understand and that’s why we’re here,” said the actor, who arrived at the location at around 10:15 with two lawyers.

Titi was called “macaquinha” (little monkey) in the comments space of a photo with her mother from a profile that was later deleted.

“You’ve got to to adopt a girl with blue-eyes, that would match, and not that pretinha (little black) that looks like a little macaquinha!,” wrote the anonymous user. The user also wrote:  “You and your husband even match but the child you adopted doesn’t match very well because she’s black and the place of blacks is in Africa.” Besides the family, the same account also attacked singer Gaby Amarantos (1), writing the hashtag #Forapretos (‘get out blacks’) in her profile.

According to police chief Daniela Terra, of DRCI, there are two profiles of Internet users to be identified and they will respond to insult qualified by prejudice and racism, and can serve one to four years of punishment. “The criminals will be identified. They use the internet as a subterfuge, believing that they are going unnoticed because they are making use of the social network, but they aren’t. It’s no use deleting the profile, deleting the comment, using subterfuges to mask the connection, because the Civil Police have enough technology to identify criminals, who will be individualized and punished to the full extent of the law,” said the chief.

Gagliasso said he was sure that the authors of the racist comments would be found by police and lamented the situation. “Not just for my daughter, but for any other case. This is very serious. That’s a crime. I think those who did it have to pay. It’s no use. Those responsible will be punished,” said the actor. He referred to other cases of racism involving celebrities. “It’s logical that I will never feel what (singer) Preta (Gil) and (actress) Taís (Araújo) felt, but, as a human being and as a father, I’m very sad, and that is why I am here demanding, seeking justice. So that people learn and to set an example for the world. Because this can’t happen, it’s very ugly,” he reiterated.

Dissemination of hate

According to the delegate, what causes crimes like this is the “bad usage of the internet” and the existence of so-called “haters”, which she defined as “those who spread hate on the internet, believing that, because they are on the Internet, they will go unnoticed.”

Bruno and his wife, actress Giovanna Ewbank, met Titi on a trip to Africa and adopted the girl this year. “Racism fights with love and justice, that’s why I’m here,” the actor repeated.

Recently, Bruno and Giovanna adopted another child from Africa named Chissomo. Care, however, will from a distance. The two will bear the girl’s expenses, such as food and education, while she remains under the care of her biological parents in her country of origin.

Source: O DiaDiário de Pernambuco


  1. The case represents yet another in a long line of incidents in which the internet was used to racially insult black women celebrities.
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  1. That African government does not have the moral right to give a African child to a foreign white couple. Equal to slavery in my view. What European nation is letting Africans or Black people adopt white children?

  2. “because the Civil Police have enough technology to identify criminals, who will be individualized and punished to the full extent of the law,” said the chief.” Right… so, if whoever this is was behind 7 proxies when created the account, they would still try to track him/her down? Technology my a., they’re lucky these sort of trolls are simply too stupid to learn how to use the tools to hide him/herself.

  3. I agree Maurice. its criminal that these Europeans are allowed and virtually have wide access to African children to satisfy their latest fetish and no doubt bring the children up in a up close and live version of their brand of white supremacy. as if these white couples steep them selves in the history of Africans and provide strong African role models for these children. Like hell they do. All this produces in mass confusion in the African child. Massive confusion.

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