According to sociologist, in the northeastern state of Alagoas, while one white is killed, 20 blacks are ‘exterminated’”

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 Alagoas is the most violent state in the country and its capital, the 3rd most violent in the world. For the sociologist Julio Jacobo Waiselfisz, “in Alagoas it’s like this: while one white is killed, 20 blacks are ‘exterminated’”.

As we have reported on this site before, there seems to be project of extermination of black males in certain specific states and throughout the country. Northeastern state Alagoas occupies the position of the most violent state in Brazil and its capital, Maceió, the third most violent in the world, according to the latest UN report. The cause of the violence, according to the organizer of the report Map of Violence in Latin America, sociologist Julio Jacobo Waiselfisz, is the absence of state power as an institution and non-governmental apparatus.

Northeastern state of Alagoas

 The Argentine Waiselfisz was in Alagoas on Wednesday morning (29) at the invitation of the Special Commission of Inquiries, which analyzes the causes of violence in the capital, at the Municipal Chamber of Maceió.

Only this year 1323 homicides were reported in the state and 162 just in the month of August, among  lethally violent and intentional crimes, robbery and others, according to a data official of homicides for the news agency Alagoas24horas.

For the sociologist, what happened was an internalization of violence coming out of major urban centers extending into the so-called peaceful cities. “It’s noteworthy that it’s peaceful for Brazil, but not for Latin America, because there has been an institutionalization of violence in the country.”

“What happened in fact was a change in standards, where those states that were violent, consequently reduced their numbers, although those that were peaceful tripled”, Waiselfisz said, while emphasizing that all this thanks to the unpreparedness and unevenness of police agents.

One cause of this “rising tide of violence”, according Waiselfisz, is impunity and alliances with the state that allied with police strikes that occurred in recent decades equipped the criminal institutions.

Stop the Genocide of Black Youth

Still according to him, the Violence Map also shows that crimes against the black population grew alarmingly. “In Alagoas it’s like this: while one white is killed, 20 blacks are ‘exterminated’ and this number will only grow in 2013, mainly involving young people and children”, he warned.

“Actually those most responsible are the apparatus of the state that are not fulfilling their function in front of this reality”, he concluded.

Source: Brasil de Fato

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