Social networks: A comfortable place for racists to share their views – Child actor Kaik Pereira and funk singer MC Ludmilla the latest victims

kaik pereira ludmilla
kaik pereira ludmilla
Child actor Kaik Pereira and funkeira MC Ludmilla are the latest victims of internet racism
Child actor Kaik Pereira and funkeira MC Ludmilla are the latest victims of internet racism

Note from BW of Brazil: It is a well-known fact how much the internet has changed our lives. Because of the World Wide Web, billions of people worldwide have access to information that is at their fingertips almost as quickly as they can type the keywords or a website. Anyone who remembers life in early to mid-90s and decades before can clearly explain the difference before pre-internet days and current days. The internet combined with the natural proclivity of people to want to interact with each other, talk about their lives, share interests and concerns and the latest news led to one of the the most influential forms of media online: social networks.

No one can deny the advantages of popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and even once popular formats such as MySpace and Orkut. But the internet and social networks also have a number of disadvantages that come with them. Privacy violations, spying and cyber-bullying are just a few of these problems. In previous posts we’ve brought you a number of comments originating from these networks, the good, the bad and ugly. Below, in recent weeks, we show how two more black artists, one, a child actor and the other, the funk singer formerly known as MC Beyoncé, were victimized by these same networks. This, the latest incident in which a black child is the target of racist sentiments (see here and here, for example), shows that racism in Brazil knows no age limit!

Actor of Chiquititas TV series is target of racism on social network

Child actor Kaik Pereira was a victim of racist comments on the internet
Child actor Kaik Pereira was a victim of racist comments on the internet

by Fábio Luiz Almeida

The actor who plays Neco on Chiquititas, an SBT-TV novella (soap opera), Kaik Pereira divulged in his official profile on Instagram on Saturday (06) an offensive comment he received from a follower in one of his photos.

In the text, the user wrote a comment that included slogans like “macaco preto” (black monkey) and “lixo” (garbage). “You think you’re cute because you got an opportunity on a novela by bbs,” offended the boy.

In responding, Kaik left a warning: “Que Deus tenha piedade de sua alma” (May God have mercy on your soul). He received the support of other followers and colleagues from SBT. “He’s jealous because you are a good actor and he’s an idiot talking like that,” said a follower. “Unfortunately there is still racism, which is revolting,” noted Matthew Ueta, host of Bom Dia & Cia.

Although still appearing on the Silvio Santos channel – Chiquititas will come to an end in August – Pereira has struck a deal with Record TV for future work, according to the website R7.

Boy that offended Record TV child actor is 13 years old and hates blacks, says family

Teenager located after the actor’s family investigated creating fake profiles on the Internet

By Dinalva Fernandes

The family of the child actor Kaik Pereira, 12, is investigating the aggression suffered by the boy on a social network. In a shared post on his page on Instagram last Sunday (7), the boy was called names because of his skin color. The family found that the offender often created fake profiles on the Internet to spread hatred of blacks.

After the racist comments, the actor responded
After the racist comments, the actor responded

The family managed to reach the aggressor, who is only 13 years old, thanks to a friend who knows about computers. Fabiana Pereira, Kaik’s mother said the teenager had the help of a friend from school to create the profiles.

“He has a mortal hatred of blacks.”

A girl studying in the same school as the offender also got in touch with family and described his behavior. She didn’t want to be identified because she is afraid. According to Fabiana, the girl reported that the teenager treats black colleagues badly.

“Somehow he has to pay because he knows what he’s doing.”

Also according to Fabiana, after the attack, the boy continued offending her family.

“I’m angry. He posted a comment on R7 “ah you think that you’ll get money and me and you’re so very wrong (sic).” He went on Instagram and insulted me, insulted my husband. We have to take action, do something.”

Fabiana said her son changed his behavior after the attacks.

“Although saying he doesn’t care, he’s changed a little attitude. He walks a little down. And a mother feels it.”

Currently, Kaik, who lives in São Paulo, is in Bertioga for the recordings of the novela Escrava Mãe (Slave Mother) (1) on Rede Record. The family intends to register a police report this week.


R7 talked to the family of the alleged perpetrator of Kaik. The teenager’s mother denies the charges and says the child is being persecuted by someone who fingered him as a racist. The woman, who doesn’t want to be identified, registered a police report for libel in the Delegacia do Menor (precinct for minors) and states that the profile from where the racist abuse came from is false.

“The lawyer is going to deal with that, you will find out where this fake account came from. My son didn’t do this.”

According to her, a person fingered her son as the aggressor in a comment. The family suspects someone, but prefers not to disclose the name in order not to hinder the investigation. For now, the woman isn’t considering initiating a lawsuit in court.

“Our orientation is not to say. Now, they will try to recover the IP of the email that generated (it)”.

Also according to the woman, the boy has been without internet access for three weeks because he got a bad grade in school. His father has his cell phone, who takes the device to work every day. The woman also said she only learned of the story after being sought by the report. No police has contacted the family that lives in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The boy is going to school normally, where, according to his mother, was never named as being prejudicial or racist.

“He was never accused [of racism]. He is a good boy and already won a medal as the best student in the school.”

MC Ludmilla is a victim of racism on the Internet and responds to offender

Ludmilla 2

Singer was attacked on social media by an internet user with a racist comment; “People like you should be behind bars,” she countered.

Funkeira MC Ludmilla was outraged by the situation of prejudice on the internet

Courtesy of Folhapress

Funk singer Ludmilla during a performace
Funk singer Ludmilla during a performance

The funkeira (funk singer) MC Ludmilla, 20, received racist abuse in the comments of a photo published in her profile on Instagram late on Monday (22). “Nojo. Negra macaca feia” (Disgusting. Ugly black monkey)(2) wrote one follower. In the same post, the singer responded to the insults: “People like you should be behind bars and not on social networks, your hypocritical racist.”

Fans came out in defense of the singer and the internet user then deleted his page on the social network. “I think the Brazilian police should keep their eyes on the internet more. There are still people who think it’s no man’s land and are acting that way, insulting not only to me but others as well. I abhor any kind of prejudice,” she said.

Maker of the hits “Hoje” and “Te ensinei certi” Ludmilla embarked on Monday to Chile, to record the video for “Eu não quero mais” in the Atacama Desert. Through her press office, she asked the police to step up enforcement of what is written on the web.

Source: O Tempo, RD1, R7, O Planeta TV


1. Note that this is  yet another in a long line of Brazilian novelas that are based in the slave era. Already halfway through 2015, the invisibility and under-representation of Afro-Brazilians in prominent roles on prime time TV along with the Brazilian media’s proclivity for the continuation of slavery era TV programs speaks volumes for the image that is still associated with Afro-Brazilians.

Actors Marcelo Batista (left.), Neusa Borges and Jayme Periard appear in the Record TV novela Escrava Mãe
Actors Marcelo Batista (left.), Neusa Borges and Jayme Periard appear in the Record TV novela Escrava Mãe

One can only think that for actress Neusa Borges, who will appear in the novela, a return to TV in a soap opera based in the slavery era must be bittersweet. In recent years, the veteran actress had fallen on hard times and went through a period of financial difficulty. In 2012, Borges suffered a stroke. With a career spanning 60 years and a number of novelas on her resume since 1972, Borges has spoken critically about black representation on television.

2. As we see in these most recent incidents, Brazilians never tire of referring to blacks as “macacos”.

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  1. Seems like the racists are getting crazy all over the world these days! They are burning down churches (again) in the USA. The question I keep asking myself, though, is why they are so jealous of us as a people and why do we – the supposed “inferior” race – inspire so much fear in them. I wonder why they get so frightened when they see Black people succeed. They love to project all of their self hatred and inner demons onto us as a people. Also, I suspect that they know the truth – that the world would have no soul, no color, no (good and interesting) music, no (good and interesting) food, no science, no spiritual developement…basically nothing appealing, without Black people. Brazil would not be what it is today without Black people. After all, no one comes here to see gaucho singers or attend Oktoberfest. They come here to see and listen to samba, watch capoeira and make fools of themselves trying to learn its secrets. They hope they are lucky enough to be invited to a Candomble or Umbanda ceremony. They come for feijoada and other Brazilian soul-food. They come for the Black experience here, and will take the white one, if there is nothing better to do. In any case, I like the way both of these victims handled themselves!

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