31 people were murdered last weekend in Salvador, Bahia; in first 100 days of 2017, 649 murders registered in city known as “Black Rome” and its metro region



Note from BW of Brazil: What’s goin’ on in Salvador, Bahia? The northeastern Brazil city is known as “Black Rome”, Brazil’s “mecca” of black culture and its enormous population of African descendants. But perhaps more than any other place in Brazil, the city and state are also quickly gaining a reputation for eliminating black Brazilians. Headlines over the past few years say it all. 


“Weekend registers 20 homicides in Salvador and the metropolitan area”, read one headline from September 19, 2016. “Violence: 29 homicides were registered in a week in Salvador and metropolitan area,” read another from January 7th of this year. And still another from February 13th of this year read, “Salvador and metropolitan area register 18 homicides over the weekend.” From these headlines, one could easily come to the conclusion that Salvador is in a state of emergency. And if the previous headlines didn’t get your attention. How about the following…

649 (headline)
“Homicides in Salvador and metro area come to 649 in the first 100 days of the year.” – (April 19, 2017)

The truth is, the murder of black people in Bahia has been going on for quite some time and obviously I’m not the only one who has taken note of it. The campaign known as Reaja ou será Morta/o, meaning react or be killed, has been calling attention to what seems to be a not-so-hidden agenda to lower the numbers of black Bahians in the state with the largest number of darker-skinned black people. The Reaja ou Será Morta blog posted the following words in an article last November on the topic: 

“In Brazil, blacks die like cockroaches an elderly person once said to a noticeably shocked reporter. I saw it. We were there. Some never forget the blasts. It was the month of August and at that time the Campaign Reaja ou será Morta/o (React of Be Killed) was blocking the Suburbana Avenue, along with friends and relatives of Alex Carlos dos Santos, 19, and Luiz Henrique Sacramento Cerqueira, 27, and Riquinho, 20; young black men who had been cowardly executed with shots in their backs by four hooded men, wearing black and brucutus (see note one) clothing. Four years later, year after year, black youth continue to be targeted by extermination groups in Bahia and, as absurd as it may seem, the police corporation has institutionally incorporated the modus operandi of death squads.

Four years have passed, and although some of them have prematurely counteracted a kind of political syndrome of Enantiodromia (see note two) and entered the debris of the collapsed project Linha Auxiliar da Promoção da Igualdade (Auxiliary Line for the Promotion of Equality), so many things don’t change in Genocidal Bahia. Zionist former governor Jacques Vagner exited and into the Palácio de Ondina (Ondina Palace) (see note three) goes the fascist current governor, Rui Corta; and bloodbath after bloodbath, the summary killings of young black men, has been the mainspring of sustenance for the Guerra Racial de Alta Intensidade na Bahia (Racial War of High Intensity in Bahia), that, dressed as a Policy of Public Security, has used the ideological scam of the “Guerra as Drogas” (War on Drugs) to apply a Genocidal Criminal Doctrine.”

Note from BW of Brazil: I’m sure there will be those who will read this article and simply dismiss it because “those negroes are criminals who don’t deserve to live” and there is no way to deny that crime is definitely a problem in a state like Bahia, as would be any place with a high rate of poverty. But beneath all of the, “they get what they deserve” rhetoric, some of us will stop and think that there is perhaps something far more sinister going on in Bahia. And the fact that it is known for being the country’s blackest state is no coincidence


Thirty-one people were murdered this weekend in Salvador

Courtesy of Subúrbio Online

This weekend, 31 people were murdered in Salvador and the Metropolitan Region, according to data released by the Bahia State Department of Public Security (SSP-Ba). The data were recorded between Friday (04) and Sunday (07).

Among the victims, four were female and 27 were male. The neighborhood where the highest index of occurrences was registered was at Liberdade.

Another 14 homicide attempts were also recorded and reported in the SSP-Ba bulletin this weekend.


Homicides in Salvador and RMS reach 649 in the first 100 days of the year

Courtesy of Subúrbio Online

April 19, 2017

The first 100 days of the year have already brought an alarming number of homicides in Salvador and its Metropolitan Region (RMS). According to data available on the website of the Public Security Secretariat of Bahia (SSP-BA), between January 1 and April 10, 649 cases were recorded in the capital of Bahia and neighboring municipalities.

Of the total number of homicide cases, just over 61% were recorded in different neighborhoods of Salvador. The other 39% occurred in cities near the capital, with the highest number recorded in Dias D’Ávila, Camaçari, Lauro de Freitas, Simões Filho and Vera Cruz.

Still according to the data, which were not considered official numbers by the organ, in March, Salvador had 122 occurrences and the neighboring municipalities 72, totaling 194 cases. In April, in just 10 days, 63 homicides, 24 of which were outside the capital, were recorded.

Source:  Reaja ou Será Morta Subúrbio Online,


  1. Although taken from a comic character describing a rude, badly educated, gross, brute, the Sintonia Geek Magazine website described brucutus as those types who “always use their fists to solve their problems.” The site used characters from American films such as The Expendables 3, Scarface and Commando. 
  2. Meaning, move to the other side, go to the opposite. The flow of energy in a pendulum movement.

  3. Since 1967, the official residence of the governor of the state of Bahia.
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  1. The disparaging/ghastly reports there are also happening in just about every city in America with any sizable African-American population: Black on Black Crime, generated by Gangs, Drugs, Poverty, Neglect of State Resources and a history of Blacks limited by the State from equal opportunities in the Economic/Labor markets. On the other hand, a large number of blacks are in the middle-class, and have taken the benefits of obtaining higher education earning degrees and learning skills that has improved their Economic Status. But, we have to much violence in all black neighborhoods. In my view, Brazil’s situation is Worse on black people. Black people in America, now, have many opportunities to move up the Social Ladder, if they passionately try/attempt to do this. In Brazil, the Government is blatantly/conspicuously-by force of law enforcement/military…sanctioned by the government, limiting the equal rights of Brazilians of African descent. I get it. I am moved by your struggles. We struggle all over the globe. Continue the fight. An continue to elicit support from around the world and the USA. Peace, your brother from USA-Chicago

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