15-year old Flávia Saraiva shines and wins her first gold and also a silver in the World Challenge Cup of gymnastics



Note from BW of Brazil: Sports, while not a main focus here, has nonetheless been somewhat of a popular topic over the past few weeks. Less than two weeks ago, we featured Teliana Pereira bringing Brazil its first WTA tennis championship in 27 years. Then, perhaps in anticipation of today’s post, we brought you two features on Brazil’s most successful gymnast, Daiane dos Santos. The next feature was not specifically about sports as it was such a tragedy the fatal car accident that ended the life of medal-winning swimmer Sarah Corrêa. May she rest eternally in peace. Today, we bring the story of another little lady who is following in the footsteps of Daiane dos Santos and accomplishing big things! Yet another example of big things coming in small packages, look for this exciting young woman in the 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro!

Flávia Saraiva shines and gets her 1st gold medal, in floor exercises, and then takes the silver on the balance beam

By Bruno Doro of UOL with contributions from Terra Esportes

Flávia Saraiva (top center, bottom left) poses with her gold and silver medals
Flávia Saraiva (top center, bottom left) poses with her gold and silver medals

In her first competition among adults, Flávia Saraiva – only 15 years and standing 4’4” (1.33m) – charmed the audience and left Ibirapuera with the gold medal on the floor exercise.  She was the big surprise of the last day of competitions of the fourth stage of the World Challenge Cup (Artistic Gymnastics World Cup), held in São Paulo. In a presentation that drew applause and many screams, she obtained a score of 13.625. In the qualifier, on Friday, she was also been the best.


The second place in the race went to the German Elisabeth Seitz, with a score of 13.400 and the bronze to the Latvian Valerija Grisane, who scored 13.325. Saraiva’s presentations helped bring the number of medals won by Brazil to nine in front of the crowd, which filled about six thousand seats of the Ibirapuera Gymnasium.

Another Brazilian in the race, Lorrane Oliveira came in eighth and final position. She had flaws in her presentation and scored just 12.400.


In her first presentation, Flávia made an impeccable presentation on the floor, performing pirouettes and nailing the movements on the platform without any problems. Just over an hour later, she returned to the stage for her presentation on the balance beam and won another medal this time taking the silver while scoring 15.100. On the beam, her strength, Flávia presented everyone with a gala performance. On a beam only 10 cm wide, the girl exhibited pirouettes and jumps, as well as somersaults to total 15.100 and take the second best score of the competition. The gold went to China’s Shang Chunsong with 15.400. The German Sophie Scheder took the bronze with 14.00.

At this stage of the World Cup, the Brazilians took three golds, four silvers and two bronzes over four days of competition. The positive result further increases the expectation of gymnasts to compete in the presence fans during the Rio 2016.

Source: UOL, Terra

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