14-year old MC Soffia’s message of black pride and empowerment will represent Brazil at the 2018 BET Awards in the category of Best New International Act

mc soffia beat18
mc soffia beat18


Note from BW of Brazil: When YOU shine we ALL shine!! Look at little MC Soffia goin’ international!! You KNOW I’m lovin’ this news! Little MC Soffia’s boldness and attitude has been featured on this blog in a number of posts in the past few years, so how pride am I receiving the recent news that miniature MC is gonna be reppin’ for Brazil in one of the biggest events for black star power in the world, the BET Awards?!? I’m gonna be real and admit that I haven’t seen this award show in YEARS as it’s not broadcast here, but I even when I had access, I hadn’t tuned in because I’m just not feeling too many of today’s artists. But regardless of whether or not I watch, this is HUGE!

Who would have known that this talented young lady’s message of uplift for under-represented black girls like her starting out in the west zone of São Paulo would eventually lead her to the international stage of 2016 Olympics in Rio and now Los Angeles on June 24th for the BET Awards? This is the second time I’ve brought news of international recognition for a black female music artist, the first being singer Ludmilla’s nomination for a Latino Grammy back in October of last year. What more can I say but that I’m MAD proud of MC Soffia! As she says in her song “Menina Pretinha”, she IS a queen, she IS beautiful and she IS resistence!

14-year-old MC Soffia will compete in the New International Artist category at the BET Awards 2018

It’s her turn: MC Soffia will represent Brazil at the BET Awards 2018

By Amauri Terto

Awards of the American channel Black Entertaiment Television celebrates the work of black stars in the world of entertainment.

Soffia Gomes da Rocha Gregório Corrêa, better known as MC Soffia, is on the list of nominees for the BET Awards 2018, a Black Entertainment Television Award, a program dedicated to the comunidade negra (black community).


The BET Awards was established in 2001 and annually celebrates the work of black stars in categories related to the entertainment world, including music, TV, film and sports.

At age 14, MC Soffia will compete in the category of Best New International Act along with nine other artists from different parts of the world. The vote is open to the public and will be closed on June 19.

To vote, simply go to the BET channel website. The awards ceremony will be held on June 24 and broadcast live.

From the borders of SP to the world

Born in the region of Raposo Tavares, in the far west of São Paulo, Soffia began to rap at the age of six after participating in Hip-Hop culture workshops.

Encouraged by her family – made up of black movement activists – Soffia began writing lyrics on issues related to racism, empoderamento negro e autoaceitação (black empowerment and self-acceptance).

In 2015, at the age of 11, she released her first song, “Brincadeira de Menina” (Girl’s Play)

The following year, she appeared on the national scene with “Menina Pretinha” (little black girl), in which she sings of the orgulho de ser negra (pride of being black) (watch the video on the player below).

It was also in 2016 that the young MC performed with rapper Karol Conka at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games.

Her most recent work is the “Barbie Black” song, released in February of this year – a partnership with DJ and producer Boss in Drama.

Source: CEERT

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